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Tue., Sept. 18, 2007, 9:09 a.m.

Letter: Widen political gene pool

Career and politician: two words that should never have found their way into the same sentence. Freshmen in Congress are seldom involved in the scandals that plague seasoned bureaucrats. Seniority often leads to contemptuous behavior and the delusion of being above reproach.

Headlines of unsavory conduct in public restrooms would be rare at best with term limits. Companion articles to this scandal missed the point concerning the larger problem, specifically the extra helping of pork that tenured senators bring to the state they represent. If accrual of power did not rule the day, the needs of the many would be more important than the needs of the few; for example, the construction of a bridge in Minnesota instead of Alaska.

Nepotism should be eliminated as well. If the Democrat heir-apparent were to be elected, that is far too many terms that a Bush or a Clinton has occupied the Oval Office. For all the uninformed voters that the village failed to teach math, that would potentially add up to 28 years. It is past time we cast a line into the deep end of the gene pool and just hope we don’t hook a Rodham.

Jim Glenn

Question: Are 28 years of Bushes/Clintons reason enough to look for some new blood?

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