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TUESDAY, SEPT. 25, 2007, 2:44 P.M.

Mars Attacks! Iran next?

Been tracking the visit to New York of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And the images from his visit connect in my weird brain with the 1996 Tim Burton sci-fi spoof movie Mars Attacks! in which the president, Congress and ambassador types are very friendly to Martians who suddenly appear.

The aliens vaporize to skeletons several people during these friendly overtures by U.S. leaders. And the trusting United States folks keep giving the Martians another chance. Finally, in Congress, the aliens say a few words in alien-speak and then vaporize Congress with their vaporizer guns.

If Iran does harm to the United States in years to come, as some predict and some fear, will Ahmadinejad's visit here make us seem as naive as the U.S. leaders look in the movie Mars Attacks!?

Just some off-beat Tuesday afternoon wonderings. Blog lines are open.

(AP photo of Ahmadinejad)

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