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Thu., Sept. 27, 2007, 9:30 a.m.

Letters: Growth, not blight

(...) More houses per acre is not a good environmental solution. It increases human waste, it increases traffic that ruins our roads and adds to our already suffering air quality, it strains our natural resources, looks terrible and yes, destroys the quality of life here.

Some of us like living in the Spokane area and have no desire to see it become an overcrowded, poorly planned Seattle Jr. I am not anti-growth; I am anti-blight. Building houses six feet apart with postage stamp-size lawns (like the houses currently being built on Hatch Road north of Spokane) is not beneficial in any way. It is also impossible to drive in this area without running into traffic revisions or road closures due to the need to expand services for these clowns.

It would be nice if those in charge of approving such development cared about the beauty of this area and not about expanding the tax base while being puppets to the ever-increasing wealthy developers. (...)
Steve Manning

In their opposition to development in their backyards, most people say they aren't against growth but it is being done in the wrong way in this case.

What would the right way look like?

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