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Thu., Dec. 4, 2008, 12:52 p.m.

Dealing with change

Here's a heads up regarding some of the syndicated writers whose stuff you see from time to time on the opinion pages.
We're going to be picking up conservative Charles Krauthammer and liberal Amy Goodman. You may have read there commentary earlier this year when they were among several columnists we published on a trial basis. They generated much more feedback than any of the others, with both fans and detractors weighing in.
In case you're wondering, we'll be dropping some writers, too: Thomas Sowell, Susan Estrich, Michael Barone and Robert Scheer. Gone as well, will be cartoonist Glenn McCoy.
One other wrinkle to share. We'll be presenting our workhorse columnists on a more consistent schedule, so you'll be able to anticipate specific writers on specific days. There are times when that kind of regularity just doesn't work, but it will be the rule rather than the exception.
I'm interested to hear your thoughts, both now and as you get accustomed to the new package.
In case you're wondering, I think this will provide some structural balance as an ideological concern. Faces you'll see most often include David Broder, who's pretty centrist, along with left-leaners Leonard Pitts Jr., Froma Harrop and the afore-mentioned Amy Goodman. On the right there will be Kathleen Parker, Cal Thomas and Charles Krauthammer. We'll augument that mix with scattered voices from the wires we subscribe to.

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