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FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2009

Friday's Loose Thread 35 

Everybody's working for the weekend. OK, that song is dated. Not only is everyone not working, not everyone gets the weekend off. But that's only two reasons that song is awful.Random thoughts here.

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TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009

MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009

Two Rs, two decisions 15 

U.S. Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said today he'll vote against confirming Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court justice, regardless of what he called her "stellar resume." He disagrees on principle with her record and statements, he...

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Thursday's loose thread 

When my office was in the old Chronicle Building on Sprague Avenue, I frequently had passers-by tap on the window -- often school kids lined up and waiting to go on field trips. That hasn't happened since I moved to the fourth floor of the...

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Ever-popular sewage 

A story today reports that Airway Heights is getting $22 million in federal stimulus money for a wastewater treatment plant that's scheduled to be operating in two years.That's a million gallons that no longer will go to the city of Spokane's plant, opening up capacity...

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TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2009

Editorialists to Senate: Thanks but no thanks 

As you might have surmised, our editorial board is in the process of evaluating candidates in this fall's election. If a well-intended piece of federal legislation becomes law, however, we might not have to go to the trouble in the future. Hence, officers of the...

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MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009

The newest oldest man

Reading Sunday's story about the death of Henry Allingham, the world's oldest man, I got to wondering about his successor. Allingham, who died in England, was 113.As an aside, I'm pretty skeptical about the authenticity of the claim. There's an excellent chance that there's someone,...

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Forty years later 

This probably isn't the first time you've thought about it, but what do you remember about the moment Armstrong stepped on the moon. Me, I was with my wife and a few other people in Sue and Charlie Mitchell's apartment in an old house on...

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FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2009



TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2009

MONDAY, JULY 13, 2009

FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2009

Ensign pulverized 

This cracked me up. Thought others might be amused. It's like a sit-com. To think U.S. senators spend time on this stuff. And that living arrangement is kinda weird.

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Friday's Loose Thread 

Have a nephew who benefited greatly from the Shriners many years ago, so I was glad to hear that they're working on a way to stay open in Spokane.What's on your mind today?

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Statehouse loses another reporter 

This time, it's ours. The invaluable Rich Roesler is taking a job with the state insurance commissioner. Here's his farewell comment from his Eye on Olympia blog.I know the editorial board will really miss his reporting in Olympia. Best of luck to a super reporter...

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Large health insurer raises rates 17% 61 

Regence BlueShield follows other private insurers with a double-digit increase. Why? Health-care costs are out of control. Hey, no problem. We're all getting 17 percent pay raises, right?There's your status quo. Enjoying it?

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