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Archive for May 2009

Friday’s Loose Thread

Had a plumber solve a problem for under $100. And they say there are no miracles. Next up: Computer tech and the home PC. Fingers crossed.

What’s on your mind today?



Thursday’s Loose Thread

You know the drill.


Tale of Two Cities and health care

In McAllen, Texas, twice as much is spent per patient than in El Paso, Texas. To find out why, this doctor/author traveled to both towns. What he found helps explain why health-care costs are so high in this country.

In short, more spending, means greater profits. But it doesn’t mean better care.





Wednesday’s Loose Thread

As you make vacation plans, does it enter into your thinking that just about anywhere you go in the summer will have worse weather than here? I’m from the Southwest, so summer getaways also brought relief from the heat.  

What’s on your mind today?


Friday’s Loose Thread

Three-day weekend ahead. Busy, busy.

Discuss the topics of your choice here.



Thursday’s Loose Thread

How many here thought Cindy Hval was writing about them? Just me? Never mind.

Cat got your tongue? Then speak up about … whatever.


Wednesday’s Loose Thread

Seems like only yesterday it was Tuesday.

What’s on your mind today?



Referendum 71 poll

Just wondering where people are on this issue. Referendum 71 would rescind the “everything but marriage” law, which grants registered same-sex couples the same legal rights (other than marriage). In debating this topic, I’ve heard people say ”why can’t they settle for civil unions”? Well, Referendum 71 isn’t enamored with those either.

So what’s your view?

A. Gay marriage.

B. Civil unions or registered partnerships (the new Washington state law).

C. I’ll sign up for Referendum 71.

My vote is A.

UPDATE: Here’s an article that shows that the discrimination needs to end nationwide. Washington state couple meets insensitive Florida hospital.

Article here.


Tuesday’s Loose Thread

Have you seen these ads for S-R columnists? Usually one or two words to capture the essence, as it were. These are done by the promotions department, so we don’t know what they’ll say. Our only role is to be force-marched into the the photo department. Not sure I’ll be featured, but if I were, what should it say? I was thinking:

“Smart? Debatable.”

Any thoughts on this? Or something important?


Monday’s Loose Thread

You know the drill. Focus on issues, not each other. Thanks.



Friday’s Loose Thread

Took a sick day. Feeling fine now.

What’s up?


A note to commenters on this blog

It’s getting chippy, folks. Knock off the personal attacks against fellow posters. Profanity — even in acronym form — isn’t allowed. The personal stuff will be zapped. I will not be holding court on why. It’s just gone. I don’t have time, and it won’t be missed. Posts complaining about this policy will also be zapped.

Gotta problem with any of that? Shoot me an email at



Wednesday’s Loose Thread

As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.”Jack Handy 

What deep thoughts would you like to convey today?

Tuesday’s Loose Thread

Two guys are walking their dogs. One has a big German Shepherd, the other a tiny Chihuahua. They pass by a very fancy restaurant and the guy with the Shepherd suggests they stop in for a drink. “They’re not going to let us in with the dogs,” the man with the Chihuahua says. Just do what I do, his friend assures him. The guy with the Shepherd walks in first and the maitre d’ stops him. “We don’t allow animals in here, sir. Sorry.” This is a seeing-eye dog, the man says. The maitre d’ apologizes and the man with Shepherd sits at the bar. Then the man with Chihuahua comes in.

“We don’t allow pets in here,” says the maitre d’.

“This is a seeing-eye dog,” says the man with the Chihuahua.

“That’s not a seeing-eye dog, that’s a Chihuahua.”

And the man says: “They gave me a Chihuahua?”

What up, dogs?


Monday’s Loose Thread

The rain is back! Whew! I was getting tired of all that sunshine.




Friday’s Loose Thread

If you’re tired of solving the world’s problems, check out the Junior Lilac Parade this Saturday. My baton-twirling daughter will be there. You should, too.

So, what’s it gonna be today?



Thursday’s Loose Thread

Everyone knows it’s windy.

What else do you know?


Wednesday’s Loose Thread

A Texan walks into a Boston bar and asks the bartender, “Did you go to Harvard?” The bartender says, “Yale.” The Texans replies, “DID YOU GO TO HARVARD?”

What’s on y’alls mind today?



Spokane Falls 24/7

Avista strikes deal that will mean the downtown falls will not dry up each summer.

Thoughts? I took a look from the Monroe Street Bridge yesterday. Amazing.




Tuesday’s Loose Thread

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which conjurs fond memories of my Arizona days. And, no, it isn’t Mexican independence day.

Random thoughts accepted here. Gracias!





Transit bench battle continues

Mayor Mary Verner announced today she’ll create a  citizens committee to study ways to place appropriate transit benches at city bus stops in a way that best serves the riders.  The City Council is scheduled tonight to take up an ordinance that would allow benches with advertising on city sidewalks.

There’s been lots of conversation about whether bus benches should be removed under the existing sign ordinance, but what do you think will be gained by a new citizens committee?



Monday’s Loose Thread

Bloomsday, isn’t that coming up soon? I should probably do that some year. So how was your weekend? My son and I biked along Centennial Trail, then I got a speeding ticket. No, not for pedaling too fast. It was for leaving too quickly in my car. Anybody ever gone to traffic school? Worth it? Or just pay the fine and move on? It’s a $39 difference, but then who knows what happens with insurance.

If that doesn’t interest you — and, gosh, don’t you think it ought to? — what IS in you mind?




Friday’s Loose Thread

Let’s make this one BC-free, OK? We have one for that. Strangely, it’s titled “Joe Biden’s ill-advised comment”, which wasn’t about the BC.





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