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Archive for November 2009

Monday’s Loose Thread

Well, this was sure depressing. So cold-blooded. So scary. Mike Huckabee angle here.

Thoughts on this and other topics?

Friday’s Loose Thread

Be careful out there.

Safer to stay put and your post-turkey thoughts here. And consider this your thread for weekend leftovers.


Is This Decade the Worst?

Time magazine makes the case. Seems the 1930s would be in the running.

 What decade do you regard as the worst for the United States?

Wednesday’s Loose Thread

Busy, busy, busy. Every year during the Thanksgiving scramble, I think it would be much easier if the day were moved to the last weekend in November. It’s not like President Lincoln is around to protest. By the way, Lincoln’s T-Day proclamation will be the Thursday editorial. If I had time, I’d write a rebuttal.

Here’s a thread. Run with it.

Tuesday’s Loose Thread

Apple or pumpin pie? Our family has made the choice.

What’s on your mind today?

Monday’s Loose Thread

To your health!

What is up today? Translation: Wassup?

Friday’s Loose Thread

Dang! Sixty, That’s just really old.

Thoughts on this Friday before Black Friday (uh-oh, here comes that Steely Dan earworm!)?

Thursday’s Loose Thread

Here you go, and remember that profane acronyms are a deal breaker, FWIW.

Wednesday’s Loose Thread

Enjoy the sunshine while … oops!. There it goes.

Bring on the commentary!

Tuesday’s Loose Thread

Is today gonna be a good day? I gotta feelin. (make sure you watch at least a minute)

What’s on your mind?


Monday’s Loose Thread

I’ll be a one-armed paper hanger for the next two weeks. So it’s up to you to keep these discussions moving. Not that you ever need my help.

So, what’s on your mind today?

Dios mio!

Did you see this?

Or this?

Just a little comedy relief.

Thursday’s Loose Thread

Release your pent-up demand here. But clean up after yourselves.

Wednesday’s Loose Thread

Moving ceremony at Fort Lewis.

Thoughts on this or other news?

Tuesday’s loose thread

A nice woman who catches the bus where I do opined the other day that with hints of snow in the air, she bets some people still haven’t got their winter tires on yet.

Well, uh…guess what I just added to my to-do list.

But if you aren’t thinking about snow and winter driving, what is on your mind?

Endless issues

Two national stories on today’s front page, involve two of society’s most polarized issues: abortion and capital punishment. The public seems to be rigidly divided across an uncrossable gulf on both topics, yet in my several decades on this planet I have seen considerable, even dramatic, change in both arenas.

How is it that public attitudes can be made to shift about issues over which people flee the middle ground and race to the margins?

Monday’s Loose Thread

Big news over the weekend is that the health-care bill passed in the House. Onward to the Senate.

Thoughts on this and other news?


Tragedy hits home

Michael G. Cahill of Spokane was one of the victims of the Fort Hood shootings.Condolences to the family and anyone who knew him.

About those earmarks

Remember when that was a hot topic? Republicans vowed to fix it. Well, that isn’t going so well. In fact, it isn’t going at all. But eight of 10 panel members, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Mike Simpson, are still requesting them.

This is an interesting site. The link is for McMorris Rodgers’ requests. You can look up anyone you want. Here are Rep. Mike Simpson’s requests.

I like the transparency.


Thursday’s Loose Thread

That Coeur d’Alene Council race between Mike Kennedy and Jim Brannon is amazingly close. Five votes. Wonder how many people didn’t vote, because they figured it wouldn’t matter.

Thoughts on this or other news of the day?

Wednesday’s Loose Thread

So what were the biggest election surprises?

Tuesday’s Loose Thread

Election predictions, anyone? I think Ref. 71 will pass and Prop 4 and I-1033 will fail.


Monday’s Loose Thread

And afternoon darkness descends. I really don’t like rolling back the clocks.

What’s on your mind?


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