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A Matter Of Opinion

Archive for November 2010

The Nov. 29 thread

Take some time off from shopping to post some thoughts here.

Thanksgiving through a partisan lens

Hey, if “Dancing with the Stars” can be political, why not Thanksgiving!

“Across the political spectrum, there’s a tendency to grab a hold of some historical incident and yoke it to a current agenda,” he said. “It doesn’t always mean there’s no connection, but often things are presented as historical first, rather than as part of the agenda first.”

The Thanksgiving Week thread

Talk turkey here. Or whatever.

The Nov. 16 Thread

Your weekly chatter on random topics goes here.

Social media has it covered

Take a look at how news will be reported in the not-too-distant future.

The Nov. 8 thread

Put your thoughts here on the political topic of your choosing.


The Nov. 2 Thread

Election thread below. Put your other thoughts on the topics of your choice here.

Some possibilities.

1. Wide loads on Highway 12.

2. Cuts at City Hall.

Oh, and Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm Babe! How about those Giants?

Midterms today

Put your Election Day thoughts here. Campaigning is over. Isn’t the silence blissful?

 Just in case there are any recounts (in Washington state? C’mon!), here are the rules.

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