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A Matter Of Opinion archive for Oct. 2010

FRIDAY, OCT. 29, 2010

2010 Election Endorsements 90 

To recap, here are the S-R endorsements. We didn't choose in every race. Uncontested races are not listed. To read the full editorials, click here. City of Spokane Proposition 1 (Children’s Initiative): No Spokane County District Court Judge, Position 6: Debra Hayes County Commissioner, District...

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TUESDAY, OCT. 26, 2010

Whoppers of Campaign 2010 10 has compiled a long list. Since Washington is a battleground state (U.S. Senate race), we've gotten to witness most of them.What do you consider to be the biggest whopper in a local, state or national race?

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MONDAY, OCT. 25, 2010

TUESDAY, OCT. 19, 2010

When will they ever learn? 28 

A wire story from today's S-R reports on a Pew Research Center study of polling. It seems that some polls rely on contacting people with land-line telephones and therefore may be missing a disproportionately Democratic part of the population who don't have land lines, using...

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MONDAY, OCT. 18, 2010

Campaign ads 

It's always about this time that I start to have second thoughts about the First Amendment. The campaign ads are flooding the waves, and it would appear that each race pits the Devil against Beelzebub. What's your choice for worst ad in a local race?

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TUESDAY, OCT. 12, 2010

Economy and deficit 413 

You've been elected to Congress. Congrats. Which problem to address first? 1. The economy, with stimulus measures such as tax cuts and/or spending increases or something else?2. Or the deficit, with austerity measures?Wouldn't addressing No. 1 impede progress on No. 2 ... and vice-versa?Discuss.

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MONDAY, OCT. 11, 2010

TUESDAY, OCT. 5, 2010

Science and politics meet again 47 

Global warming has become politicized, but did you know there's an alternative to the American Medical Association? The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul belongs to a professional organization - billed as a conservative alternative to the American Medical Association –...

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MONDAY, OCT. 4, 2010

Religion Test 12 

Atheists and agnostics score highest. Maybe it's because they're not so tied up in one religion to be uninformed about others.Here are 15 questions.

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