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Archive for September 2010

The Sept. 27 Thread

Well, that was a brief winter. What are your summer plans?

Or you could comment on current events of the day here.

Great Depression in color

Found these at a Denver Post blog. Used to viewing that era in black and white. Here are some rare color photos.

Found them interesting and moving.

Reinstate Maj. Witt, judge says

Big victory for non-discrimination over in Tacoma. Big defeat for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Now Congress should act so that the Witt Standard extends beyond the 9th Circuit.


The Sept. 20 thread

The recession is over. Can’t you just feel it? Yeah, didn’t so.

Discuss this or other topics here.

The Sept. 13 Thread

Put your thoughts for the week here.

The Sept. 7 thread

Open season on the topic of your choice.


Signature event

A judge in Western Washington has lifted the order that prevented the release of signatures on initiative and referendum petitions.  The ruling does not affect the petitions for Referendum 71 which remain under wraps because that case is tied up in a federal suit.  But it does clear the way for all other referenda and initiatives, including a batch that were led by anti-tax crusader Tim Eyman

Referendum 71 is the measure that expanded rights of same-sex couples.  Petitioners in the federal case are trying to persuade the court that signers would be at personal risk if their names and addresses were known.

Eyman contends in a broadly distributed e-mail today that people who contribute less than $25 to a political campaign have more protection than petition signers because their donations don’t have to be reported under the Public Disclosure Law.

Do you think people who sign the petitions that put proposed laws on the ballot should be covered by public records laws?

We’ve touched on this issue before, but what the heck, let’s open it up again. We have a three-day weekend ahead of us.

Questions? We have questions

Lots of the blogs and comment threads on our website — and other places, I’m sure — are talking about last week’s officer-involved shooting that took the live of Spokane Valley clergyman and businessman Wayne Creach.  Questioning of Deputy Brian Herzel, who fired the fatal shot, was delayed because he’s been out of town on vacation.

I’m guessing some of the readers of A Matter of Opinion have thoughts to share on the whole episode.

Meanwhile, across the state in the Morton School District, parents opened the school year by protesting the continued employment of Michael Moulton, a high school history teacher who spent 16 days in jail after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault, misdemeanor, over his unwanted touching of four female students in 2008.

His teaching certificate was finally pulled this week, but only for a three-year suspension.  Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn says outright revocation would have allowed Michael Moulton to apply for reinstatement after only a year.  We’re running an editorial tomorrow saying the law should provide automatic and permanent revocation over a set of circumstances like that.

What are your thoughts?

Seven years: What happened?

 On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush announced the end of “major combat operations” in Iraq. Last night, President Barack Obama announced that “the American combat mission in Iraq has ended.”

Fifty thousand U.S. troops remain there, however. And fighting in Afghanistan is as frantic as ever.

What, if anything, have we learned?


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