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Matter of Opinion

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2007

I Want to Drive Alone

Despite high gas prices, global warming -- oops, I mean "climate change" -- and the higher cost of parking coming soon to downtown Spokane, people still drive to work da sola.See today's story.When I worked in Washington D.C. for two years in the 1980s, I...

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SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2007

Thoughts about Sunday's editorials?

Do you think the city of Spokane should abandon its practice of routinely countersuing those who file civil rights abuse cases? Here's what an editorial says about it today.Or, what are your thoughts about the budgetary pickle Spokane Public Schools find themselves in. Read our...

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A loose thread for the weekend

Anyone who's spent much time around me has probably heard me quote Thomas Jefferson as saying that error may be tolerated where truth is free to combat it.Ready for combat? What truth do you want to wield today?

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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2007

Future Watch, Take 1

In the mid-1980s, I interviewed Jonathan Peck, a futurist with the Institute for Alternative Futures.We were talking about the then changing telephone technology and he mentioned that someday people would carry their phone numbers with them everywhere. He wasn't sure how it would work. Maybe...

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Oh, why not?

"Primary still secondary" is our view today.Do you think there's any significance to the new primary date that we might have missed?

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Too few teachers

Our view today examines the need for more teachers and other professionals as the baby boomers retire.What "big dream" do you have for how this impending hole in education should be repaired?(Photo by Dan Pelle, The Spokesman-Review)

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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2007

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2007

Show some restraint

A new child-restraint safety law is in effect this month. It looks like more parents are going to be saying, "Don't make me come back there," since children under 13 will be riding in the back seat under a $101/ticket mandate.As a fan of making...

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The global warming consensus

One of the things I learned at a global warming conference in Portland over the weekend is that "climate change" is a less threatening phrase. Political strategists, take note.By far, the most interesting speaker was Dr. Stephen Schneider of Stanford, who helped write one of...

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Don't Mind Your Own Business

Citizens got involved today in CDA and helped rescue a woman in obvious peril. More details will be added to this story by tomorrow's paper. But it made me wonder: Have true-crime dramas helped citizens become more bold when they see what might be crimes...

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Loose thread for the weekend

In the current issue of The Atlantic, writer Jonathan Rauch says one reason the British and other parliamentary systems of government can conduct national elections so much more quickly than Americans' marathons is the concept of a shadow government. Not only are the respective parties's...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2007

Talk about a need for early learning

In today's editorial, the board examines the mistake Idaho Gov. Butch Otter made in cutting the state's "Parents as Teachers" program.Read it here. Our View: Program errorCutting Parents as Teachers a grievous mistakeAnd now it's your turn to weigh in.

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Did the Little Guys win?

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-ReviewIn recent newspaper stories and in editorials, we have chronicled the battle for the future going on in beautiful Bayview, Idaho on Lake Pend Oreille.The old-timers -- some of them live in trailers -- liked the laid-back feel of the place which is so...

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Textbook sticker shock

Shawn Vestal's great story on a new solution to high college textbook prices struck me as wonderful news yesterday.Read it here: Textbook rentals solution to price hikesAfter eight years of helping our two college-age daughters buy textbooks, it appears relief may be in sight...just as...

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Graduation Inflation

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-ReviewThis weekend will mark my third graduation ceremony in a week. And it's the first graduation ceremony I recognize from the past.My goddaughter is graduating from Mead High School.Most of us went through high school graduation and some of us through the college ceremony.But...

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A few blog guidelines

We've taken down a posting today from a blogger with a double-entendre pseudonym. And in addition, we're watching some conversations degenerate into name-calling.Let's keep the conversation civil here. When we elevate the dialogue, more voices will be heard and the blog will blossom.Here's some advice...

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Great-grandma faces felony charge

An ailing great-grandmother in Spokane who uses marijuana for medical purposes has been charged as a drug dealer.Read about Christine Rose Baggett in Thomas Clouse's story: Surprise side effect Sounds to me like Baggett made the wrong decision in tipping her dealer with a small...

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Spokane River survey

Spokane River lovers can never rest. Seems like we just finished worrying about the dang oxygen-gobbling phosphorus issue when concerns about toxic chemicals and heavy metals have come to the surface. See our Saturday edit.Some good news in all of this? Lots of people know,...

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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2007

Feeling grouchy?

If you're feeling out-of-sorts on a Monday, we've got just the spot for you.Here's today's open thread -- the perfect chance to tell us what's got you so grumpy today.AP photo

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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2007

Opinions: Worries made public

Just returned from an "Authors Con" at Salk Middle School in North Spokane.Opinion writing can sometimes be understood as what we worry about. We write out the worry and then try to come up with something to alleviate the worry.I asked the students to tell...

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Friday's Thread: Don't mute it

Mimes -- performance artists who do their acting without speaking -- are often made fun of. We won't do that here today. Why name call just for name-calling sake on a glorious Friday?So tell us what's on your mind this morning. Don't be a mime.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2007

Teens with guns

A pair of Post Falls brothers now carry guns in public to express their support of the Second Amendment. The sight of these guns makes a number of residents uneasy.Take a look at the story: Gun-toting teens alarm residents and then share your reaction here.Staff...

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