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Some writers should check their work

When processing a letter that derides teachers in the public schools, it's often tempting to publish it as is — without correcting spelling or punctuation.  This one arrived today:


I believe if you want any clue to how well the teachers union and their members are doing teaching our children all you have to do is see how many are making a passing grade in their class's, how many are dropping out of school and how many can make the grade to get into a college!!!! Enough said, we need better teachers not more money in the school system!

State falling short

More details will be forthcoming, but Associated Press just reported that a judge ruled today the state of Washington is not meeting its constitutional duty to fully fund basic education.  That may not surprise anyone, but the big question will be how the state will respond.  In the 1970s another judge made the same ruling, one outcome of which was that local property taxes went down significantly.  In a meeting with the editorial board yesterday, representatives of the state Board of Education noted that more than $2 billion in local special levy money now goes to pay for schools and much of what that money provides is unarguably part of basic education. As in the ‘70s, local taxpayers are paying extra to underwrite what is the state’s paramount constitutional responsibility.  Not likely that we’ll see the state step in and relieve that local tax burden anytime soon, not with the economic difficulties that already challenge Olympia. But it will be fascinating to see how (or if) they respond to this court ruling in a way that lasts.  Obviously the 1970s fix didn’t.

WEA president blasts Legislature

Via Publicola, here is the letter WEA President Mary Lindquist sent out to teachers after the Senate adopted a reform bill.


This bill is a travesty and an insult to the education profession. The groups behind it are vested interests masquerading as concerned citizens who care for children. Yet they’re denigrating and dismissing those of us who actually educate our state’s children!

Contrary to what you may hear or read, HB 2261 is a bogus education “reform” bill that blames educators instead of focusing on the REAL problem facing our schools: The nearly $2 billion in cuts to K-12 and higher education.”

So parents, the PTA and League of Education voters are among the “vested interests” faking their interest in the education of children. Interesting take.


UPDATE: My view on the matter is here.


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