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Virgil Moore to head Idaho Fish and Game

WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT -- The Idaho Fish and Game Commission stayed within the agency and selected veteran wildlife manager Virgil Moore as the new director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Department. The agency made the announcement today. Moore, 59, is the deputy director...

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Grizzly bears in early spring often head to green areas along streams. 
 (Chris Servheen)

Early-bird grizzlies working up an appetite

WILDLIFE WATCHING -- As tracks of the first gizzly bears emerging from hibernation were reported recently at Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, Bruce Auchly of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks was penning the following insights about bears as they emerge from their dens. Read on...you're...

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A cougar investigates and feedlot area near Chewelah in March 2011 as photographed by this motion-activated camera. (Courtesy photo)

Winter hay lures deer -- cougar, too

WILDLIFE -- Mountain lions don't eat hay, but this veggie bar spready out near Chewelah this winter likely attracted plenty of deer. Cougars like an all-you-can eat buffet deal as much as anyone. This photo is amon several snapped of cougars in February and March...

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Stop government waste: rat on a vandal 

PUBLIC LANDS -- When I hear the term government waste, I can't help but think about the taxpayer money needed to clean up after the low life that finds recreation in destroying public property, such as mudding meadows and shooting up outhouses. Bitterroot National Forest...

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Upper Palouse Falls, just a short way above the main falls in Palouse Falls State Park. These falls virtually dry up by summer. (Karen Heaps)

Upper Palouse Falls worth a hike 

HIKING -- This is prime time to visit Palouse Falls State Park, where the water is rushing and the landscape is starting to get green. But don't be content to view the falls just from the parking lot overlook. Steve and Karen Heaps of Spokane...

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A gray wolf, photographed by an automatic field camera, came to feed on an Angus bull carcass above the South Hills recently.  (Courtesy photo)

Cougar, wolf briefly share windfall feast

PREDATORS -- An Angus bull that died last month from injuries after fighting with another bull near Missoula attracted the who's who of non-hibernating predators into the unblinking lens of a motion-activated camera. A lone gray wolf spent just 18 minutes feeding on the carcass...

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