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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22, 2014

The Ruby Creek wolf was trapped, radio collared and released by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists in 2013 (Rich Landers)

Ruby Creek wolf continues to elude state trappers 25 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- A gray wolf that was deemed too comfortable with being around rural homes and pet dogs near Ione, Wash., has eluded state trappers intending to put the female wolf into captivity at wildlife facility near Tenio, Wash. State Fish and Wildlife officials...

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FRIDAY, OCT. 17, 2014

MONDAY, OCT. 13, 2014

The gray wolf is an apex predator roaming the Inland Northwest, along with the grizzly bear and mountain lion. Elusive wolves sometimes reveal their presence with a howl. (Associated Press)

Wolf shot in Whitman County; charges pending 151 

Updated 8 p.m. with response from state Fish and Wildlife police chief. ENDANGERED SPECIES -- A farmer is being investigated in the shooting of a gray wolf in Whitman County on Sunday. The wolf was shot southwest of Pullman, said Washington Department of Fish and...

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FRIDAY, OCT. 10, 2014


TUESDAY, OCT. 7, 2014

This gray wolf image was captured in 2007 by a remote sensor camera set up by state biologists in the LeClerc Creek drainage of Pend Oreille County two days after a cow elk triggered the camera shutter in the same spot. The photo helped document that wolves were moving into Washington. A breeding pack was documented in 2009. Photo courtesy of Washington Fish and Wildlife Department.
 (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)

State sets wolf management meeting in Lynnwood 

WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT -- Looks like Washington wildlife officials are planning to turn the other cheek after tonight's public meeting on wolf management in Colville. The West Side public will have an opportunity to discuss wolf management with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife leaders during...

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MONDAY, OCT. 6, 2014

A yearling female gray wolf is set in the shade by Washington Fish and Wildlife Department biologist Scott Becker, left, and Trent Roussin, so it can continue waking from the effect of tranquilizers before taking off on its own again. It was captured and fitted with ear tags and a GPS collar on July 15, 2013, in Pend Oreille County. RICH LANDERS (Rich Landers)

Second thoughts on capturing wolf for captivity 11 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- Pro-wolf groups praised the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department's decision to attempt to capture the Ruby Creek wolf and put it in a Western Washington wildlife park to avoid conflicts with humans in rural areas near Ione. Even though the Ruby Creek...

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Ruby Creek Wolf 47 is set in the shade by Washington biologists after being trapped, tranquilized and fitted with a radio collar in July. (Rich Landers)

Pend Oreille County wolf to be captured, put in zoo 148 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- A female wolf that's become too comfortable hanging around homes and domestic dogs near Ione will be captured and put in a Western Washington wildlife park, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say. The capture, which is planned for this week,...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 30, 2014

Remote camera photo from July 21, 2013, documenting three pups in the newly formed Mt. Emily pack of Oregon. (Oregon Fish and Wildlife)

Wolf attacks kill sheep, dogs in NE Oregon 10 

ENDANGERED SPECIES — Two recent wolf attacks have killed eight sheep and two livestock-protection dogs in Umatilla County, Oregon officials have confirmed. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife says the attacks took place Sept. 15 and 16 on public grazing land near Ruckle Junction...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 29, 2014

Huckleberry Pack alpha male gray wolf was captured and fitted with a GPS tracking collar.

Tab for Huckleberry wolf pack operation $53K 47 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- Washington wildlife officials estimate they spent about $53,000 this summer to deal with the Huckleberry Pack attacks on a flock of 1,800 sheep on a grazing allotment in Stevens County. The costs were almost equally split between the effort to prevent attacks...

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 25, 2014


Remote camera photo of a black wolf that appears to be a female. Photo captured 5/4/2014 in the same area as OR7. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

My bad: Alpha wolf term outmoded 32 

WILDLIFE -- A few weeks ago I posted news that the Huckleberry Pack wolf shot by a federal Wildlife Services agent was the pack's alpha female. I supplied the term. In revealing the necropsy results, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department reported the wolf as...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 23, 2014

Although wolf hunting is legal in Wyoming, these hunters go further to make a statement about their attitude toward wolves and their impact on big-game populations in October 2013. (Wind River Outdoor World)

Court reinstates endangered status for Wyoming wolves 77 

UPDATE: Wyoming governor responds to ruling. ENDANGERED SPECIES — Federal protections for gray wolves in Wyoming were reinstated today after a judge invalidated the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2012 statewide Endangered Species Act delisting of the species, according to Earthjustice. The ruling from the...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 22, 2014

THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 2014

Wolf-killed sheep from Dashiell flock on private timber company land grazing lease in southern Stevens County in August 2014. (Stevens County Cattlemen's Association)

Stevens County Commission condemns state wolf management 163 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- Stevens County Commissioners have unanimously passed a resolution that hammers Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife managers for failing to protect people, wildlife and livestock from wolves that are naturally recolonizing the region. The resolution (attached) stems from the Huckleberry Pack attacks...

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A great Pyrenees guard dog keeps a watchful eye over a large band of ewes at Lava Lake Land & Livestock, grazing near the North Fork of the Big Lost River northeast of Ketchum, Idaho, to help keep the sheep from falling prey to wolves. (Jason Kauffman / Associated Press)

Ketchum wants Idaho to use nonlethal wolf control 10 

PREDATORS — City leaders in the central Idaho resort town of Ketchum have passed a resolution requesting state officials use nonlethal methods to manage wolf conflicts with livestock in Blaine County. The city council in the resolution passed Monday said guard dogs, strobe lights and...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 15, 2014

A second male wolf is released after being trapped an fitted with a radio collar on the Colville Indian Reservation onf June 5, 2012.  The Tribe named the group of wolves in the Sanpoil River region of the reservation the Nc’icn Pack, which means “grey mist as far as you can see” in the Okanogan language. (Colville Confederated Tribes)

Another Washington wolf pack targets livestock 36 

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- A northeastern Washington wolf pack so new it hasn't been formally recognized has been confirmed in a livestock attack in Ferry County, state wildlife officials announced today. The Profanity Pack, which apparently was documented sometime this year by a biologist working with...

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A gray wolf is seen on the run near Blacktail Pond in Yellowstone National Park in Park County, Wyo. The Obama administration on Friday June 7, 2013, proposed lifting federal protections for gray wolves across most of the Lower 48 states, a move that would end four decades of recovery efforts.  (Yellowstone National Park)

Activists shadowing wolf hunters in Montana 

HUNTING -- Activists opposed to killing wolves outside Yellowstone National Park said Monday they are shadowing outfitters outside the park during wolf hunting seasons. Montana’s six-month general hunting season for gray wolves is underway after just one of the predators was reported taken during an...

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 12, 2014

Remote camera photo of OR7 captured on 5/3/2014 in eastern Jackson County on USFS land. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Wolf research booms in age of radio collaring 

PREDATORS -- While polarized factions tangle over every messy step of gray wolf reintroduction to the Northern Rockies, wildlife researchers keep putting radio collars on wolves and learning more and more about the species every year. Wolf haters like to hold onto the pre-1995 wolf...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 2, 2014

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