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Archive for August 2006

Piercing questions about ear piercings

My soon-to-be 14 year-old daughter wants to have her ears pierced. I have heard horror stories about infections, improper piercings, etc. from parents of some of her friends. Since I do not have my ear pierced, I have no experience with either the process or post-piercing cleanliness procedures. Information I have read on the Web indicates that you should look for a facility that uses needles (obviously sterile) rather than piercing guns, as the guns can lead to infections.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good local facility that practices proper sterile procedures, is relatively inexpensive, provides good instruction, and most of all, is kid/teen friendly?

TV trumps Mom

Just saw this tidbit from ABC News about a study that says TV eases kids pain better than Mom’s reassurance.

OK, well, that’s not totally surprising. I mean, how many times have you watched a kid who trips, falls or otherwise gets a minor bump or boo-boo wail like crazy ONLY WHEN MOM SHOWS UP?

Still, it smacks moms right in the face to have someone do a study to show that her kids would rather have Sponge Bob holding their hand through the prick of needle than her.

Ahh, if only TV could comfort and CLEAN UP those middle-of-the-night vomiting episodes…

SAT/ACT prep books, CDs tapes and more?!?!

Yet another book has crossed my desk proclaiming it can “Up Your Score” on the SAT. In fact that’s part of the title. The most interesting part is the promotion that comes with it — kids can now use their iPods to learn 600 key words that will allegedly help them on the SAT.

Having done well enough on the SAT many moons ago without nary a moment of studying specifically for the test, I have to wonder is all this necessary? Is it a reflection of school systems failing in their jobs to educate kids? Or is it more a reflection of over-involved parents insisting their kids are going to be tops in everything?

This latest book is written “by six kids who aced the SAT.” I guess they deserve kudos for wanting to do something to help today’s teenagers facing the test whose scores affect them as much as or more than credit scores affect adults.

Still, I have a hard time envisioning teenagers wired to their iPods memorizing vocabulary words. It reminds me of one of my dad’s favorite sayings, when on occasion we were less-than-eager to read a history book or study for a test: “How do you think you’re going to get the information? By osmosis?”

I don’t know but vocabulary drills on an iPod screen sound awfully close to osmosis to me. Especially if they’re on while teens are simultaenously sending instant messages and playing video games on the other gadgets that define their generation.

Day Care Dilemmas

“The nanny quit.”
Those words have sent shockwaves through too many parents I know.

I haven’t experienced it first-hand because my husband and I took the more insane route of juggling schedules, working around preschool and elementary school hours and cobbling together summer activities to avoid even dealing with the day care question. (Oh sure, we know there are some great day care providers out there, but the big question was could we actually find one?)

Bottom line: It’s a tough decision to make, and there are so many (too many?) choices. Do you find a nanny or seek out a seemingly nice family providing care in their home? Large day-care facilities have pros and cons.

Then there’s enough in the news about bad day care providers and licensing questions to make any parent want to wrap their kid(s) in their arms and beat back anyone who tries to come near.

Yes, there are ways to investigate some providers, but just how much research should a parent do, and how much can a parent do without pulling his/her hair out?

What have you done about child care? How have you found good day care? Did you ever research a provider only to find out information that changed your mind? Do share…

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