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Appropriate Dressing

In the Spokesman-Review June 24, 2006 issue, there was a letter to the editor, “Bikinis expose dangers.” An example was given about young girls who are wearing very little clothing while getting people to come for a car wash. You’ve probably seen them yourselves. The writer further expresses the need for parents to teach respect to these girls.

What are your opinions on this matter?

The Bullying Stops Here!

My soon-to-be 12 year old son had a hard adjustment this 6th grade year. New school district, new school, and new friends. He spent K-5th with kids he know from his daycare days. Daycare stops when a child reaches a certain age, therefore with two working out-of-the-home parents we had no choice but to send him to the school district close to home.

My child experienced jokingly mispronunciation of his last name, scribbling in his agenda book, broken pencils, ripped folders, and physical abuse. He kept a lot of the goings-on to himself. My child normally talks non-stop, but lately I noticed he was becoming very reserved. I finally asked him what was the matter, and he shared his daily regime of bullying by a small group of students. We immediately contacted the school principal about bullying and the physical incident. The other child was considered a “regular” problem child and was suspended for 10 days. This made the problem child’s friends upset, so the bullying continued until my son fought back. My husband and I do not encourage violence as the answer to a problem. When he went back to school after the 1 day suspension, the name-calling stopped and broken pencils were no longer left on his desk. It saddens me to think that it had to get to that to cease the bullying. Have modern-day parents stopped teaching kids to respect the rights and property of others?

Chores for Kids

Part of growing up is taking on responsibilities. What are some chores, along with ages, that are appropriate for children?

Trouble with MySpace

Editor’s note: This message came to me via email, with the writers asking not to be identified. Because it’s a topic that I’m sure is on the minds of a lot of parents, I’m posting it below.

“Both we, as grandparents, and her mother, are concerned about our middle-school granddaughter’s involvement in She has assured us all that ‘no one can access my page except people who know my ‘name,’ but articles we read on the subject indicate otherwise.
Recently, her older sister happened to see a photo she had posted that was ‘suggestive’, (and if it was labeled so by a 16-year-old, I’m sure it was!) With the usual “It can’t happen to me” attitude of any 13-year-old, she isn’t listening to our cautions, and seems to feel that, if she doesn’t know who she is talking to, she can say anything. We don’t want to make the Internet—or even e-mail—off-limits to her, but don’t know exactly what TO do. Ideas welcome, please.

Gender snobs?

As a mom of 4 young boys I have noticed something interesting, whenever I am part of a moms group/club there is some sort of eliteism among the moms. Those moms with little girls are at the top of the pack and they do not want your boys any where near their girls! They dress they little darlings up in bows and frills and talk about the joys of having a child who will one day be thier shopping buddy!

I have also noticed that once the kids get into highschool age it is the moms of boys who are at the top..the boys are noted for thier athletic ability and the boys are the ones who hold a lot of social power.
Have you seen or experienced this? How do you react to the other parents? What about those who have both gender children do you notice any of this?

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