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And now that we are at it…

… how about homemade gifts?
Asides from cookies - which are always a hit - do you have any other great ideas?

My family always appreciates homemade cards and drawings from the kids, but what about your family?

Children and Skiing Alone

My husband takes our seven-year-old child downhill skiing at a local ski resort and lets him ski down runs alone … I’m not a skiier and I’ve not been there to make a judgment call but even though he’s a pretty good skiier (son and husband both) and is large for his age I am not too keen on this arrangement. I talked to a ski patrol volunteer at this same resort who said that the place is considered to be family friendly and full of mostly locals, however locals can be out-of-control snowboarders just as well as can be out-of-towners. What do you think?

Moms rising

I belong to a Web-based group called “Danish mothers overseas” which connects Danish moms all over the world. Today, someone in the Danish forum recommended this site:

Here are a few quotes from the site - check it out and let me know what you think.

“Shocking but true: There is deep bias against mothers in America today. One study found mothers are 44 percent less likely to be hired than equally qualified non-mothers, and are offered an average of $11,000 lower starting salaries. Another study found women without children make 90 cents to a man’s dollar, mothers make 73 cents, and single mothers make about 60 cents to a man’s dollar…
Countries with family-friendly policies in place don’t experience the same motherhood wage penalties we do here. And, America is woefully behind the rest of the world when it comes to implementing policies and programs that support mothers and families.
MomsRising is working toward cultural and political change to build a more family-friendly America.”

Moms with tattoos

OK - So the article in the Monday paper about mommies having tattoos made me laugh! I, too, am one of those moms not with one tattoo, but three of them! Of course mine usually can not be seen unless I am in a bathing suit or something backless.

I know I would have had a heart attack growing up if my mom had a tattoo… but things are a bit different now.

More people have body piercings as well (I had a belly button ring until I was really pregnant with my first child.)

For those who can not understand what the attraction is I can say for me it was being able to be creative with my body and displaying a part of my personality.

I was 22 when I got my last one so it has been awhile since the body art scene has pulled me in.
How may local moms have tattoos?

And how many are like me, a mom no one would think is hiding tattoos under my conservative mommy clothes?

How will these tattooed parents feel if/when their children get tattooed?

For those who can not understand what the attraction is I can say for me it was being able to be creative with my body and displaying a part of my personality. I was 22 when I got my last one so it has been awhile since the body art scene has pulled me in.

How may local moms have tattoos?

How many like me whom no one would think that under my conservative mommy clothes I am hiding them?

How will these tattooed parents feel if/when their children get them?

Amazing history race in Spokane

Just a heads up that the city of Spokane is celebrating its 125th anniversary starting this week.

On Saturday, Nov. 25, from noon to 4 p.m. the city will put on “an amazing race through Spokane history.”

Start at City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., any time between noon and 4 p.m. It’ll take at least an hour to finish the race.

At City Hall you’ll get instructions and a game card and a clue, the latter will take you to your next destination. Proceed this way until you’ve been through five destinations and found all the game cards.

At the finish line, Mayor Dennis Hession will be waiting for you with a special commemorative coin and a slice of birthday cake.

Then it’s on to treelighting in Riverfront Park at 4:30 p.m. Santa will be there and there’ll be hot cocoa and fireworks.

Everything is free.

Happy birthday Spokane.

Santa Claus….is he part of your celebration?

Santa Claus. I have many freinds who do not allow their children to belive in him becasue it is against thier religion. As Catholics we teach our children about St. Nicholas ( the actual Saint that Santa was formed from).
I was wondering how many people do not teach thier children about him. Are the reasons for religion or something else?
How do you keep your young children from spoiling the fun for thier freinds who do belive?
Is ther something else you do in place of santa’s stockings?


In today’s mailbag is a note from a woman who puts on etiquette classes for children.
She writes that, “my focus for now is children and youth. I chose this profession out of concern for the decline of respect, honor and
kindness in our nations youth.”

My personal experience is that many kids and younger folks are clueless when faced with a properly set table - even if it’s just at my house on a Sunday.

But so are many of the professional adults I encounter when I’m out and about.

Yes, I’m European, I’m 40 and I was raised in a different way - but what do you say?
How important are manners today?

The world is my oyster … right?

At our meeting Saturday morning, someone brought up the subject of the sense of entitlement that many children seem to have these days. I shared a conversation I had with a college professor the day before about some of the more outrageous examples of spoiled students she’s had to deal with - parents who demand a wake-up call for their student because they can’t get up on their own, and even a parent who sent a recipe for a cake, which she expected the professor to bake and bring to class for her child’s birthday (the request was politely refused).

The professor theorized that this was a generational thing - that these students have had every moment of their young lives planned and coordinated for them to the point that they can’t function without being given explicit instructions, and are only motivated by immediate rewards.

There were other great examples brought up at the meeting - I’ll let you share those stories yourselves, as well as your thoughts on the issue. Is this a widespread problem? If so, what do you think is the cause? And as parents, what are you doing to help your children become self-sufficient?

Meeting details for Saturday morning

The parents’ council meeting on Saturday, Nov. 11 will begin at 10 a.m. and run no longer than noon.
The meeting is held at The Spokesman-Review, 999 West Riverside Avenue (on the corner of Riverside and Monroe street) in the Masthead Suite on the 7th floor.
You must register with the guards at the front desk (at the entrance on Riverside)
Extra perk: it’s a holiday, so you won’t have to feed the meters in downtown Spokane.

Boys versus girls

O.k. so maybe I am a bit biased…I prefer raising boys to girls…not that I do not like girls…after all I was one!
It seems that in many ways boys are easier..let’s face it boys/men are less complicated than the female mind. When a male is hungry he eats. It is not so simple for the female mind…she must weigh many things before the first bite of food ( may or may not) reach her lips.
So as I watch my boys I am satisfied in the things that they do. When Ethan’s friend Cory came over they were wrestling on the floor fighting over a ball. Cory’s sister was more maternal and played with my little babies. It was so neat to see the striking differnces in little boys verses girls. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule but is it nature or nurture? The great debate on why boys act they way they do verse girls.
What do you think? Are boys raised to be rough and tough or is it us parents who form them that way? Do girls have a natural motherly nature or is it from their moms buying them dolls?

Thanksgiving / Christmas / Holiday Traditions

Would anyone like to share some special family traditions you might be trying to pass on to your kids? My family wasn’t big on traditions (besides attending church for any possible reason) and I keep wishing I had some traditions of some sort (besides real mashed potatoes and gravy!). My in-laws have a Christmas eve traditional meal of oyster stew and venison stew. We have chosen to do the oyster stew as much as possible. We also give my kids a pair of new pajamas and a new book on Christmas Eve (and those are the presents they get to unwrap the night before). We have also tended to have a seafood type Christmas day dinner, crab legs and oysters and shrimp, etc.

I look forward to hearing some of your traditions (big or little, serious or humorous!)

And now I notice that a lot of our little traditions revolve around FOOD. Hmmm. Off to find some traditional late night chocolate…

raising the developmentaly delayed child

My twins have several delays in thier development. What I am finding is it is hard to do the things that your children need to catch up all the time.
We drive in twice a wek for speech and physical therepy ( about 60 miles a week.) Plus the additional work at home. I am glad to do this for them but find that dealing with agencies can be troublesome. All of our care providers have reccomended th guild school for the twins to get a social classroom type learning ( they are 21 months old) but when I called the school they said no. Why? They serve the Deer Park school district…but becasue I live 1 mile out of Spokane county into Stevens county they won’t take my kids. Never mind that they recive state and federal funding…never mind that we wrok,shop etc. in Spokane county.
How do you get the resources your kids need?
How do you try to get the help your kids need if you keep running into road blocks?
How do you help you kids who need the extra attention while not neglecting the needs of your other kids?

Agenda for parents’ council meeting

I’ve gotten a few questions about what the agenda is at the meeting on Saturday.

I’m sure we’ll talk about Laura - and I’ll need a little update on how you’ve been doing things.

Mostly, I want to talk about how to carry the Parents’ council forward, now that we’ve lost Laura’s excellent leadership.

As many of you know, I’m transitioning into a new job as metro columnist - but I’m committed to keeping this group alive and well and together for as long as it takes.

If possible, I’ll bring Ken Paulman, the new features editor along, so you can meet him.

I am hoping that we’ll be able to put together a smaller group of parents — like three or four folks — who’ll commit to being active on the blog and keeping the dialogue going.

As for topics, please bring any topic you’d like to talk about and be ready to explain it for a bit.

And finally, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you again. I’ve only met you once, and I’m anxious to put some faces on some names, talk and reconnect.

Parents’ Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parents Council will be on Saturday, Nov. 11, from 10 a.m. roughly to noon.

The meeting will be held at The Spokesman-Review building, downtown, in the Masthead Suite.

Please RSVP no later than Wednesday to Pia K. Hansen at (509)459-5427 or via e-mail at

You must preregister for the meeting.

Am so looking forward to seeing you all again!

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