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TUESDAY, OCT. 31, 2006

Funeral services

Services for Spokesman-Review assistant features editor Laura Crooks will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday at the New Heights Open Bible Church, 708 W. Nora Ave. (Nora at Wall Street). The church phone number is 509-443-2631.

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Memorial information

Steve Smith said today that a memorial fund for Laura Crooks has been established at the Spokane Media Federal Credit Union. Also, the funeral is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. More details will be posted on Daily Briefing as they become available.

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SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 2006

It is a very sad day at the newspaper

It’s with much sorrow in my heart that I have to tell you Laura Crooks passed away, on the morning of Saturday October 28. She was at home with her family.This blog was very important to Laura, and we are committed to keeping it and...

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18, 2006

School bans tag at recess

Have you read this article about a Mass. school banning tag and touch football since it is risky and they worry about getting sued?? Do lawyers rule the world? Are risk management officers going to micromanage our lives until we all hide away in a...

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MONDAY, OCT. 16, 2006

Computer Dumb?

Are today's parents too computer dumb to know what their kids are really up to online?How are you watching your kids' online moves? What do you do to keep them out of danger on the Internet?Are you a teen who is being spied on by...

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11, 2006

Picky Eaters

Did you read the article “Picky eater’s start early in life” in today’s SR Food section? It’s true that children imitate their parents, but being a picky eater may also be attributed to what parents allow. I don’t fully agree with the last statement made,...

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FRIDAY, OCT. 6, 2006

Pink Muppet Controversy

Has anyone read the concerns about the new pink girl muppet, Abby Cadabby? I have NOT seen Ms. Cadabby yet but am perplexed by the people complaining that she is 'too pink, too girly' and is not a good role model for girls. Here's an...

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THURSDAY, OCT. 5, 2006

Diapers....cloth or disposable

With my first child I used disposable, when I was pregnant the seond time around I wanted to do cloth, they are less expensive 9 larger up front cost) and are better for the enviroment. However when my second pregnancy showed twins I was not...

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