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Archive for September 2006

Why is no one talking about the school shooting?

All morning, I kept waiting for someone else to post something on this blog about the latest school shooting in Colorado.

As I tab between programs on my computer, trying to get some work done, Internet headlines keep flashing across my screen revealing new details about the incident that tragically took the life of a young woman and shattered the lives of others who were simply too close for comfort.

I’m stunned that no one has posted anything. Is it a sign that it’s a subject too painful for any of us to talk about?

Are others not wondering whether our kids are safe when we send them on the bus or down the street to school each day?

Do we feel like it’s been talked about over and over but, like terror attacks, there’s nothing we can do but hope and pray it doesn’t happen again?

here come the potty jokes

When I had my first boy I knew that raising boys would be different from my childhood full of Barbie dolls. My 4 year old has recently started telling me jokes with farts and other bodily functions in the punch. While this was not unexpected, I was surprised at how early it starts. I am wondering if it evers ends…or am I doomed to hear them for the next few decades!

I wonder if there was a way other parents have dealt with this or maybe the best course is just to ignore it untill the phase passes. What did you do?

family tradtions

My grandparents from Alaska are here visitng this week and my kids got to meet them for the first time… it had me thinking of family traditons, how when I was growing up we ( My parents and sister, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and cousins) would all get together on holidays.
How we would have a new years eve party playing head and foot and eating nacho’s…always calling my mom “pete the cheat” ( we caught her cheating at the card game once:) I rember fondly all the things we used to do every year that you could always count on.

Now we are all grown up and spread around the country….my only single cousin got married this weekend wchich left my sis as the only single one from our generation. I have not seen many of them in a long time but hope that through the passing down of family traditions to my children we can all remain somehow connected…

What are the tradtions you want to make sure they expereince and carry on? Do you have some tradtions that are unique to your family?
Tradtions are a part of who we are and can really shape our lives…


You wonder at what age is it time for our children to learn the responsibility of raising their own pet. Our 11 yr old son just recently purchased a Green Anole, that we currently refer to as Mr. Lizard. You ask the routine questions of your children. Do you think you are responsible enough? Can you remember to feed them daily? Clean their environment? Give them love and attention? But perhaps one of the most important items to ask should be…Are you afraid of CRICKETS? This morning we had a great laugh as we chased approximately 25 very small brown crickets out of our brown carpet because our very awesome son was trying to be responsible and feed his new pet, crickets. One jumped on his hand and immediately began its adventure up the arm, the rest is history. After a few tears of panic he began to laugh right along. He wondered why they scurried so quickly. I reminded him of what Freedom feels like, comparing the excitement of release at the end of a long school day. So when you decided as a family to take on this new voyage into pet world, remind yourself of the great learning experience that comes along with it and enjoy every second.

The bullying stops here

At least that’s what school officials around the country would like to happen.

Today’s story about bulling in the Idaho editions of The Spokesman-Review echos reports across the country of school officials’ efforts to crack down on bullying.

Curious to hear what parents think. Is bullying a big problem? How do you define bullying? How does your child’s school define it? What’s being done about it?

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