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Archive for August 2007

The art of grandparenting

Got this question from reader Christina P. on Friday:

My husband and I will be first-time grandparents in November. Any ideas on the art of grandparenting?

Anyone got any advice for Christina?

Is There a Leader in All of Us?

How do you teach your child to be a leader? Whether it’s taking charge of a group class project or as the quarterback of a football team? They may want to do it, but get timid when it comes time to take charge. How do they get the confidence to do what you know they can do?

Are you one of the “one in four?”

“One in four adults read no books at all in the past year, according to an Associated Press poll released Tuesday.”

Say it ain’t so! Do busy parents have time to read? And yes, children’s books count, ‘cause to be honest sometimes by the time I’ve read my youngest his bedtime stories, I’m ready to fall asleep myself.
So are you reading and if so, what are you reading?

Love Thy Neighbor

What do you do when a neighbor tells something to your kids that you do not like? Something that you do not agree with? Something you don’t consider to be well-meaning advice?

Rasing the child with challanges

With 3 of my 4 boys currently facing issues ranging from ADHD,learning disabilites, and issues that require the use of various therepist’s ( speech, physical, occupational and behavior therepist). I have a somewhat of a difficult time with all that is going on…however I have also seen parents whose kids have way more issues/disabilities than any of mine. So how does a parent cope with all that is required when raising a kid with challanges? How do you feel it compares to your other kids? Do you feel your non challanged kid(s) get shorted in terms of attention because you are not having to focus on them as much? Does it create different sibling bonds or resentment?

The high cost of parenting

By some estimates, the cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 is now approaching $200,000 (see story on Monday). That doesn’t even include the cost of college.

As someone who’s considering starting a family, and is already under the strain of student loan payments and ever-rising housing and health care costs, that’s pretty sobering.

Anyone got a story to share about making ends meet?

Potty-training crunch time

Do you have a child entering preschool this fall? Do you know of one?

I’m Heather Lalley, a features writer here, and I’m working on a story about parents scrambling to get their kids potty trained in time for preschool. I would love to talk with any families in that situation.

Drop me a line at if you can help.

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