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Stay at home parents

In today’s SR article Panel rejects day-care rules the reason by some for rejecting it appeared to be that they thought moms should stay at home and raise their kids. This is a belief I too share but not to the extreme of letting day care kids down.

Not every family can have mom (or dad) stay at home. There are many homes with single parents or very low income where it is not possible and I see no reason why their children should be punished by not having adequate rules to govern day care. I am sure it is a hard decision for most moms to drop their kids off at day care.

There is truth though to the fact that there are as many women who could stay at home but choose not to (they love being a career women or do not want to give up some luxuries that a 2 income family may afford.)

The question is…IF you could have one parent stay at home would you? Do you think day care is just as good as being raised by a parent?

I don’t want to play with you right now!! and other things I wish I’d never said

You know how it is…. out of your mommy mouth comes an outrageously ridiculous statement like that above. You instantly regret it and think ‘what is wrong with me!?’ You worry if you have turned into your own mother…

One thing I often say when I am exasperated is: “I don’t care if X happened, you will do Y right now” as in “I don’t care if your sister touched your book, quit smacking her with the book.” This has led to my son dramatically telling me that I don’t care about him. Anytime he gets in trouble for something he bursts out ‘OH SO NOW YOU HATE ME!!!!!’

Anybody else?

A Difference of Opinion

How do you manage when you and your spouse grew up with different backgrounds, which then leads to different opinions in raising your children? How do you work it out together?

Request for Information

We received a YMCA flyer for Grid Kids & Spokane Shock Arena Football. Does anyone know anything about it?

Parents Council meeting this Saturday

Just a reminder that we’ll be having our quarterly meeting this Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Review Tower downtown. Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Our primary topic will be how well (or poorly) The Spokesman-Review is serving the needs of parents and families, and how we can do better.

We’ll also talk about the blog/column project, which is going quite well. I’ll try to put together some writing and blogging tips for those who are interested.

Anyone who is interested in these issues is welcome to attend - these are informal discussions, and the more voices we get, the better.

For more information or to RSVP, please drop me an email or call (509) 459-5480.

Busy is O.K. for Kids—Time Magazine

A recent article in Time Magazine (Jan 29, 2007), discusses indications that children actually “flourish” when their schedules are packed.

A study by the University of Maryland’s Sandra Hofferth tracks how children spend their time and seem to show that kids are spending more time reading, studying, in youth groups, art, etc rather than on computer use. TV use among 9-12 year olds is down to less than 15 hours per week compared to 20 hours per week in 1981.

However, other studies show kids spend only 25 minutes a WEEK outdoors (for 6-12 year olds).

What do you all think of this article? There seems to be such a push to get kids into external activities so they can get the edge up on the competition for future sports, academic, dance, etc. opportunities. Bottom line, we struggle to balance providing our kids with fun opportunities with our time and money budget while encouraging academic skills but allowing them time to be KIDS.

Kids and Bad News

What do you do to protect your kids from the ugly realities of life? How can you protect them somewhat but provide them the skills to cope with the facts that bad things happen?

I am very straightforward with my kids for any questions they ask. We don’t beat around the bush about birds and bees, death and illness, etc. However, my husband is in law enforcement and that has brought many situations that I don’t want my kids to hear about.

I don’t want them worrying about their daddy when he is at work. Any experiences anyone would like to share?

Temporary Kitchen

We’re planning a kitchen remodel. It’s exciting; yet the thought of keeping 3 young children fed is daunting. Will we require a separate budget just to feed everyone? With paper plates, disposable cups, etc. and also takeout food, the cost could get high.

I’m thinking…cooking lots of food to freeze, grilling outdoors. Have you been through it? Please share your tips.


Diet is a four letter word. I enjoy eating too much to diet. Yet I have found a way to eat and have my cake too. Workout! As I pump weights I keep chanting, “Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chocolate cake.” It has been proven that exercise is important to our health. Until I joined a gym, I didn’t realize that if done hard enough, I could eat whatever I wanted.

Even though you may not be able to join a gym, there are plenty of workouts that you can do at home. The gym works for me because it gets the kids a chance to play and meet new friends, and having to pay and go out to exercise is a motivator for me.

Are your kids picky eaters?

I’ve been having a good discussion about ‘picky eaters’ with friends. Some of them have some pretty wild stories (e.g. one child vomits at the site of grapes and cherries. even if someone ELSE is eating them). My kids are pretty adventurous, but whether that is due in part to their personalities, tastebuds or our insistence that they try everything at least once and we will not be making different meals for everyone, etc… who knows? How about your kids?

Happy campers

It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to start planning for our annual summer camp guide (you can look at last year’s guide here).

Anybody got any ideas for stories they’d like to see in this year’s edition?

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