Are We There Yet?

FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007, 7:07 P.M.

Are You Smarter Than A Teenager?

My son turned 13 this past weekend. He’s excited. I’m having anxiety attacks for what’s to come. I broke down and got him a cellphone on our cellular family plan. My husband’s jealous because his phone has more bells and whistles. I explain to my husband, when we got our phones a while back, they were the latest trend. Technology is changing at a rapid pace.

Just the other day, an article in the newspaper had the text messaging codes: OMG and BFF. My husband and I thought we were so cool for knowing that OMG stood for “Oh My Gosh.” However, we were stumped with BFF. I jokingly said to my husband, I bet our 13 year-old would know what it means (he doesn’t have text message capabilities on his cellphone). However, he replied, “Best Friends Forever.” (Visual at the time: parents with stun faces on).

Boy, do we feel so outdated. I’m not looking forward to learning about “the Birds and the Bees” from him (SMILE!!).

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