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Archive for March 2007

You’ve Got a Great Kid

We have a message on our answering machine from a neighbor. After his message, he told us what a great kid we have, so nice and polite. I saved that message to remind me, in times of need, that he is a great kid.

I realized that it made me feel good to have someone else reiterate something that I already know. The last time our babysitter was over, I appreciated her politeness and the loving care she gave our children. I called her mom and told her so. Sometimes our children don’t always behave with us as we’d like. It’s good to know that they are nice and respectful to others.

A Learning Experience

What a great story in today’s paper, “Mothers bathed in guilt.” Cindy said it perfectly with “instead of alienating one another by asserting our decisions as best, we parents can learn to offer support and encouragement without judgment.”

The Parents Council has been a learning experience for me. Not only do I not have all of the answers, I don’t always have the best ones.

Age When Children are Too Old to Sleep/w Mommy

My husband’s been out of town and my just turned eight year old asked if he could sleep with me (only child) while Daddy was gone. A colleague of mine put down parents who slept with their children a while back, so I told my son he was now too old. This colleague thought that it was a bit twisted to allow one’s son to sleep with Mommy when “daddy” was gone. However, I’ve talked to other mothers who see nothing wrong with it. What do you all think? My bed is a queen so if my son did sleep with me we wouldn’t even touch. But I guess I can see both sides.

Do you get enough time with your kids?

This Monday, we’ll be running a story on new research from the University of Maryland that shows parents are actually spending more time with their children than they were a generation ago, yet still think that this time isn’t enough.

Do you spend more time with your kids than your parents did with you? Why or why not?

Taking time for yourself

So what do you do to recharge yourself…you know the person you were before you had kids. Sometimes we get so much into our role as being someones mom or dad ( and we are often called by that title) that we tend to lose a bit of ourselves.
I like to take art or outdoor classes seperate from my family sometimes just to have fun by myself and explore my interests, I also go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week as a “ME” break.
How do you find yourself? Do you have a certin time ( like once a month) where you go and do something just for yourself? How do you feel after this recharging?

Stop, thief!

On Monday, we’ll be running a story on plagiarism in the classroom. Teachers and professors say that the Internet makes it easier than ever for students to cheat, but it also makes it easier to catch the offenders.

Has your child ever copied someone else’s work on an assignment? How did you deal with it?

How young do you start your kids in Sports?

With my oldest turning 5 and him being very active…he has been begging me to play sports. At his age there are teams for Soccer and Baseball…so he is signed up and waiting for each season to begin. I know this will be a good way for him to burn of his energy and learn sportsmanship. What age did you start your kids in sports…. how has being in sports changed your child?

Does hiring a maid send the wrong message?

Editor’s note: This discussion was originally posted on Feb. 7. I’ve changed the timestamp to move it higher in case people want to comment on today’s column.

I am considering hiring a cleaning service for our home, but I am afraid I will give my children (17 and 13) the wrong impression about housekeeping.

I would like to spend less time with large cleaning chores like floors and bathrooms and more time doing things I enjoy around the house, but I don’t want my kids to think you just hire someone to clean up after you.

Anyone have comments on this?

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