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Archive for May 2007

Agression in boys

For those with sons..are they agressive or more gentle… Most boys I see out here in the county have more of the rough and tumble exterior…running around in the dirt, getting banged up by play and just shrugging it off, catching frogs etc…
Many little boys I have met that live in the city or more suburb area seem a bit less like that… alot of whingin and crying when the get hurt…afriad to get really involved in “Boy ” stuff. Yes there are always exceptions to this rule but I have lived in both cities ( large and small) and country areas so this is something I have observed as well as some of my friends.

Are some boys being smothered and trained to be docile? Are there really just some things that are based on geographical locations as far as behavior’s in children? Does a soft spoken gentle boy grow up to be that way as an adult?

Who’s That Lady?

What would you do if you saw a friend of a spouse in a restaurant with someone else, in a situation that gave all indications of something going on other than just a casual lunch?

Would you say something to the other spouse, or keep it to yourself?

Sex Offenders in the Hood

So a registered sex offender (child molester) moved into our neighborhood, about 5 doors down. We’re right near a park, there’s a daycare within 1 block and my son’s elementary school within 4 blocks. This really makes me tense. I’m trying not to worry excessively but I am very angry. My son is 9, my daughter 5. They play in the yard and we’ve let them start going to the park for a little bit together (it’s about 2 houses down from us and is an incredibly small park, in the opposite direction from Chester Molester). Now I feel torn between letting my son have some expanding boundaries and posting this guy’s photo on our fridge, arming my kids with tasers and erecting a 5 foot brick wall around our yard.


Alpha-mom or beta-mom?

This is an interesting article about those moms who are rebelling against the ‘perfect mom’ myth that exists. We’ve all probably felt the pressure to be perfect but hopefully know or have learned that there is no perfect mom, we do the best we can. It can be a hard thing to learn, to let some things be ‘just good enough’ and keep things in perspective.

Especially important as we head into Mother’s Day weekend!

Sibling Rivalry

My 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter are so competitive with each other right now and it’s driving us crazy. Last weekend, we all drove up to the woods for a day hike. During the drive my kids argued and debated Every. Little. Thing. It was like a mini-Fox News Broadcast: “I have more trees on my side.” “No sir, I do.” “Well, my trees are taller.” “Well, mine are greener.” “Oh yeah? Mine have more branches.”

By the time we got to our destination, my husband and I were ready to tie them to trees, smear them with honey and flee. We told them to go wherever they wanted, as far from each other as possible, climb wherever, etc. They then proceeded to play together, digging for gold and looking for cool rocks. They weren’t more than 5 feet apart the entire time. There was no fighting or arguing or debating. My oldest helped my youngest, no tears and no conflict.
Of course, once it was time to go and 15 seconds after we started the drive back home…. “My rocks are cooler.” “I have more water.” “I went to the bathroom more.” “She touched my Yu-Gi-Oh book.”

What is the DEAL? Will they ever outgrow this?

We’re Just Friends

Someone says, “There’s your girlfriend.” “No, she’s just a friend,” a boy replies.

The more and more I hear the expression, “we’re just friends,” the more and more I dislike it. It implies that a friend is not much to have. A friend is a treasure. Maybe I think that way because I’m still waiting to make that close friend connection since moving to the area.

Meeting time

It’s about time for our quarterly Parents Council meeting. I’ve sent out an email to everyone who was on my list - if you didn’t get the email and are interested in attending, drop me an email or give me a call at (509) 459-5480.

At these meetings, we discuss ways in which the newspaper can better serve families. The conversations are very loose and informal, and there are usually snacks involved.

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