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Archive for September 2007

‘Kid Nation’

Anyone watching the CBS show “Kid Nation”? You know, the one where they plunk 40 kids in the middle of the desert to form their own society?

A story in USA Today, which we’ll be running on Monday, highlights some of the criticism of the show:

Kid Nation emphasizes some of the worst aspects of society, such as group inequalities and fighting for limited resources, says Joseph Allen, an adolescent psychologist at the University of Virginia. “They re-create these bad things on purpose and then subject kids to them. The children are manipulated to an unconscionable degree.”

What do you think? Harmless entertainment or child abuse?

Or something in between?

Having kids close together

In today’s Mr. Dad a gentleman asks about if he and his wife should have another baby so closely after the first. Have gave great pros and cons for both sides. My oldest is three years older than the twins and that was great because he was old enough to not need me so much, I got pregnant only 2 months after the twins were born and let me tell you it was very hard being pregnant while taking care of an infant or two ..not something I would ever like to repeat.

On the plus side the three of them all play together very well and it is kind of nice for them to have several built in playmates. So would you have kids back to back or wait…have you? What are your thoughts…

Thanks for the memories

Here’s an excerpt from a story we’ll be running on Monday:

Virginia Merritt of Newnan, Ga., laments that she has few records from her life past 8 months, including when she started walking.
“I just have what my mom remembers,” she said.

So for Evan, who turns 1 on Sept. 25, Merritt made sure to keep a lists of firsts on the Web site TotSites, including first use of a sippy cup (Aug. 8), first fever (April 8) and first passing of a toy from one hand to the other (Feb. 12) – categories generally not found in traditional, printed baby books.

She also posted sonograms from her pregnancy at Baby Crowd, a site for expecting parents.
But all this documentation may carry a price if parents, in spending so much energy creating and preserving a digital archive, fail to enjoy living the moment.

And will future generations even have time to look through stacks of CDs containing tens or hundreds of thousands of photos, and even if they do, will individual memories become less precious because there are so many?

Now that it’s possible to document nearly every minute of every day, how much is too much? Do you feel guilty for failing to adequately photograph or videotape a formative moment in your child’s life?


You have two kids in sports and one game during the season that they have at the same time. Whose game do you go to and how do you make that decision?

All’s fair…

Anybody going to the fair this week? Any recommendations for kids’ activities?

Grandparents Day, September 9th

Just a reminder that grandparents day is coming up! Anyone doing anything special? My hubby and father-in-law are going to a seahawks game and grammy will be staying at our house to get her grammy fix! My in-laws are AWESOME and I love that they have such a great relationship with our kids. And if this gets printed in the spokesman, maybe i’ll get bonus points with them….

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