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Just a little more food for thought

I wrote a story this week about the importance of the family meal based on some of your comments about making time to eat together. I found the responses in that particular thread to be really heartwarming – they reminded me of the need to...

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FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2008


What is Courage?

My son has been having some issues with an older/bigger/meaner/obnoxious (what i would call a BULLY) kid at school and we've been working with him/his teacher/the principal about it. Tonight he asked me to give him a few lessons in courage. It just breaks my...

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MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2008

Working teens

This summer’s job market is looking tough for teens, according to this story in The Chicago Tribune.First, there aren’t a lot of openings with the poor economy. And second, they’re competing with adults for the few positions that are out there.But most teens want to...

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Children, chores and keeping the house clean

Spring always makes me feel more self-conscious about the messy state of my household.Now that I spend more time at home instead of working full-time and hiring someone else to clean, I’ve quickly learned that it’s so much harder to keep a house in order...

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MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008

An addendum: On Faith

I wrote a story for Monday’s Today section based on the “Gotta Have Faith?” thread as well as on some recent conversations I’ve had with readers about raising children with or without religion.One of the replies I received this morning was from a man named...

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When I was pregnant the second time, we considered having a doula with us at the hospital. At that time, I knew many couples who sought the expertise of a doula – a person who is trained to help during labor and after the birth...

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Best children’s books

According to the Children's Book Council, the best books for kids are the ones “that speak to children, to their minds and their hearts.” The CBC insists that children will continue to read “as long as they find value, meaning, entertainment and something they can...

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Problems facing our kids

If you get a chance, please check out the latest conversation on The Spokesman-Review's Vox Box about the biggest problems facing children in our community.A recent Spokesman-Review poll indicated that “drugs and alcohol” top the list. However, the young people on the Vox Box blog...

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