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Employers, Families & Snow Days

For those of you who work outside of the home, how are you managing to balance job plus needing to be home with kids when school is closed for snow days? Both my husband and I have had recent grumblings at work due to us taking turns home with kids and I am perplexed on what our alleged “backup plan” SHOULD be… And here we are on about the 5th snow day this month and probably another one tomorrow!

Vox Box: Arizona just says no to abstinence-only funding

Arizona is now the 16th state to reject federal funds for abstinence-only sex education.

According to Governor Janet Napolitano: “While we all support abstinence-only and don’t believe, in particular, that teenagers should be engaged in sexual relationships of that sort, the fact of the matter is that some do. They need to have complete information for their own health.”

From the Vox Box:

I did a search to see if Washington was one of those states and found this from a Washington Post article: “Two other states — Ohio and Washington — have applied but stipulated they would use the money for comprehensive sex education, effectively making themselves ineligible, federal officials said.”

It has been reported that teen pregnancy and STDs are on the rise, and critics blame sex ed programs in schools that don’t teach contraception.

QUESTION: What do you think? Does contraception need to be taught in schools? Where did you learn about it?

Words Do Hurt

I had a conversation with a girlfriend today about her 4th grade daughter. She told me how some of her friends are being mean to her. The meanness are things like when there are three of them together, two of them will be ignore the daughter. Other mean things include not answering when the daughter asks a question or makes a comment. And it only gets worse from there. A total stranger noticed this behavior while the girls were in a store together and even made a comment about it to my friend. There was also another time when two girls had the discussion of one not attending a party if some other girl attends. Then the daughter comments that this is not a nice thing to do, and ever since, these girls hardly speak to her anymore.

After school today, my friend took her daughter to the doctor because she has been having stomach aches. She has no physical problems. Yet after the doctor asked how things were in school and friends, the discussion of the actions of these girls took place. The doctor determined that her stomach problems were due to the stress of these relationships.

It pains my girlfriend to see this happening to her daughter. This girl is very sweet and to hear of this treatment is sad. My friend has even approached one mom, sugar coating the mean treatment. Now this mom is upset with my friend.

What do you do? Have you come across these issues of kids getting ill over mental anguishes? Do you approach other parents when you see this happening? The only good thing that has come out of all of this is that the daughter knows how NOT to behave. But that doesn’t quite make up for the pain.

Dressing for the Job

Does anyone know the name of the organization that takes donated professional clothing for women? The clothing is given to women who need the clothing for job interviews and working.

Frozen kidsicles

With the dipping temps we have had ( below zero here last night) How do you try to make sure your kids stay warm? When you are around them of course you can make sure they are bundled up but what about when they are at school or a friends house? Do you give them warnings that without those gloves and hat ( however uncool they may think it is) they can get frostbite and loose a finger? Growing up in Alaska my mom told me to watch my pierced ears in the winter and to keep my ears covered or the metal of the earrings would freeze and I could lose my ear lobe !( I don’t know if this is true). So do you tell them to stay warm and hope for the best?

Guys and dolls

So my twins third birthday is coming up and we asked them what they wanted. One said A tractor toy (Typical) the other boy said he wanted a baby doll. I thought my macho Texan of a husband would freak out when he heard that but he just looks at me and says ” As long as it’s not pink” So if your son asked for a doll would you buy it for him? Why or why not? We are going to get him that doll for his birthday…after all he is only three and really enjoys looking at real babies so that is why I think he wants one.

TV in the car?

(This post was received via email)

I would like to know what everyone thinks about DVD players in cars.

More and more frequently I am behind those super sized SUV’s with cartoons playing on the player while they are driving around town. I can understand using them on a long car trip where there is nothing to see, like some of the stretches of highway west of here, but it seems ridiculous around town. What happened to good old fashioned conversation? I always found that the car was a great place to talk about sensitive issues since there was no way to escape.

(I probably wouldn’t have given this a second thought except I realized I was watching the cartoons playing on the car in front of me and not paying attention to any of the traffic around me.)

Am I just being old fashioned? What rules has anyone else instituted regarding DVD players in the car?

What’s with the ‘Scene in Spokane” section

What do you all think about the ‘Scene in Spokane’ section of the sunday paper (the back page of the today section). I think it just represents a small section of our society as a whole, and mostly emphasizes adult-only events for upper upper class people. As a regular middle class family/mom…It just seems fairly elitist. Anyone else skeptical about the pix of exquisite buildings and wine parties and ginormous mansions? Why is this a priority for the paper?

A Pot for Christmas

Before Christmas, my husband worried about what he was getting me for Christmas. He saw a comic of men in an ER with various household appliances protruding from their bodies. I told him not to worry about it because I was serious when I said not to get me anything since I wanted a new vacuum cleaner.

I did not get the vacuum, but something so thoughtful to me, yet other women may be thinking of the ER scene. He gave me a set of pots and pans that I have wanted for years. Because they are costly, I had been searching sales and buying individuals pieces on EBay. Other gifts are still in their boxes because all I want to do is play with my new pans. Even though the kids think differently, I swear that their grilled cheese sandwiches taste better.

It’s Not All Black and White

My son and I watched “Glory Road” last night, a movie that took place in 1966 about the first college basketball team with an all-black starting lineup in the NCAA. During one scene, a black man went into the restroom and had the crap beaten out of him by a few white guys. My son was stunned; then he was doubly stunned when I told him that this happened in real life. I told him about my high school, where there may have been more blacks than whites, and how there would be fights and riots, blacks against whites. Sometimes the police would be called out. He asked me if I had lots of black friends in school and I said that I did.

It was a good lesson for him and good for me to see his totally unprejudiced mind. It was a small glimpse for him to see how our society was and can still be.

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