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Marketing food to kids

More than 40 major food and beverage marketers spent $1.6 billion (yes, billion) in 2006 to promote their products to kids.That’s the recent finding of a Federal Trade Commission study on food marketing to children and adolescents. Released earlier this week, the report titled “Marketing...

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SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2008

Spanking and discipline

Editor's note - this thread is being re-posted to allow the discussion to continue.There's been plenty of discussion about the Coeur d’Alene mom who got a ticket for injury to a child during last week’s Fourth of July parade.Witnesses said Melissa Farrell was "smacking" her...

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Recycling old car seats?

A reader recently sent the following e-mail:"I was hoping that some of your contributors (on the Parents' Council) could help me out. We have upgraded our carseats and now don't know what to do with the old ones. Is there some place that takes donations...

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MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008

Running a business and raising a family

While working on a story about local mompreneurs, I spoke with Debra Cashman, a Nine Mile Falls mother of two and the owner of a Web site called of her goals, she said, is to help other mompreneurs with the “Support Your Local Mama”...

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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2008

Car seat check tomorrow

The Spokane County Child Passenger Safety Team will be available to check car seats and children to ensure people are safely transporting their loved ones. Location: K-Mart, 6606 N. Division, SpokaneTime: Saturday, July 19th, from 10:00am-2:00pm.

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MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008

A chilling effect

While putting together a story about “Free Range Kids” and finding that balance between safety and independence, I was reminded of an interview I had last year with a local pastor. We talked about the growing awareness surrounding child abuse and how churches and other...

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Birth and C-section rates

While working on a story about doulas, I looked up some statistics on Cesarean delivery rates. (According to doulas and their advocates, having a trained doula at birth can decrease the chances of having a C-section.)Nationwide, the Cesarean delivery rate rose to more than 30...

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Couples + Children = Happiness?

In a special feature this week titled “Global Literacy 2008: The Stories We Tell Ourselves,” the editors at Newsweek pose the following question: True or False: Having Kids Make You HappyThe answer might come as a surprise.Does this reflect your reality?

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