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MONDAY, NOV. 24, 2008

Babies at work

At some companies, employees can now bring their babies, according to this recent article from The Burlington Free Press.Zutano, a children’s apparel company, allows its workers to take care of children from 2 months to 12 months while doing their duties in the office, reported...

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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 19, 2008

Sick kids

Sometime in the fall or winter and maybe once again in the spring, our children inevitably catch a bug that gives them congestion and a runny nose. For some, the illness can be a lot worse. The kids may end up with a fever, diarrhea...

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SUNDAY, NOV. 16, 2008

Home Alone 

My sisters and I were latchkey children. When I was 11 and my sister was 9, we would take the Metro bus home from our north Seattle Catholic school back to our home in the suburb of Brier. From the bus stop, we walked for...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 11, 2008

Can Boys Just Be Boys?

Always knew about the harsh way that girls can treat each other, yet not so much about boys. My 7th grade son, now attending middle school, told me how a neighboring 8th grade boy ignores him at school. These kids play together occasionally, riding bikes...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 6, 2008

Teens and TV sex scenes

Watching sexual content on TV can increases the likelihood of teen pregnancy, The Washington Post and other newspapers reported earlier this week. The story, based on a three-year study of more than 2,000 young people ages 12 to 17, described sexual content as “kissing, touching,...

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SUNDAY, NOV. 2, 2008

Birth order and careers

Where you rank among your siblings – whether you’re the oldest, the youngest or in the middle – might actually affect the kind of work you do as an adult, according to a recent survey conducted by“Clearly, birth order affects personality, but what about...

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