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THURSDAY, DEC. 31, 2009

"The World's Strictest Parents"

If your kids ever complain that you're too strict, tell them they can move to Arkansas. Parents there are supposedly the toughest on teens.That's according to the results of a not-so-scientific survey conducted on the website for "The World's Strictest Parents," a reality show that...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 29, 2009

Too much stuff again 

Now that the holidays are behind us, our home is once again full of toys.In the past, we tried to encourage our children to get rid of some of their stuff by donating a toy or two before bringing something new into the house. I...

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SATURDAY, DEC. 26, 2009

Thank you notes from kids 

At my house, gift-opening can be chaotic -- especially during the holidays. As much as I try to get my kids to pace themselves, they end up ripping through boxes and gift wrap so quickly that it's sometimes hard for me to keep track of...

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MONDAY, DEC. 21, 2009

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 2009

SUNDAY, DEC. 13, 2009

Maternal profiling? 

With so many people afraid to lose their jobs, some moms who work outside the home feel as though they have no choice but to skip their kids' sports games, winter concerts and other events.If a child needs to go to the doctor's, they tell...

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THURSDAY, DEC. 10, 2009

Four Letter Words 

The other day something happened, can't remember what, but I said, "Oh crap." "Mom," my 8-year old son said, "you're not supposed to say that." Well, it was better than what I really wanted to say. While attending a Christian boarding school, I knew that...

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The digital divide

While some tech-savvy kids have been using the computer since preschool or even toddlerhood, there are still a significant number of children out there who have limited access to technology. These are the kids who stay after school to use the computers or who have...

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MONDAY, DEC. 7, 2009


Moms-to-be hiring baby planners

People expecting a child can now get professional help as they design their nursery, baby-proof their home and even shop for maternity clothes.Baby planning services are apparently growing in popularity, according to a recent Associated Press story. The article noted that as many as 60...

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