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MONDAY, NOV. 30, 2009

TV and day care 

Some preschoolers in home-based daycares spend as many as two hours a day in front a television, according to a study that was the focus of an Associated Press article last week.Seventy-percent of the home daycares and 36 percent of the centers acknowledged that they...

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MONDAY, NOV. 23, 2009

Financial Education

Students in Washington state aren’t required to take a personal finance class to graduate, but with the current economic crisis, more people want to make it a priority.In response to an article I wrote this week for The Spokesman about financial literacy and children, Matt...

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SUNDAY, NOV. 22, 2009

Homework Help 

When your child is struggling with homework, what do you do?All parents want to help, of course, but once in a while, it's not unheard of for a mom or dad to give too much help. Instead of guiding their kids along, they end up...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 19, 2009

Table Manners 

I used to dread going to restaurants with my children. They could never sit still, even if I brought books and toys or paper and crayons. After five minutes, they would want to walk around or stand in the booth and bother the nearby diners....

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MONDAY, NOV. 16, 2009

Food allergies and children 

It's become a common question when planning for family dinner parties, playdates or even when sharing snacks on the playground: Does your child have any allergies?I always ask. At my daughter's preschool, peanut butter isn't allowed. Teachers also offer soy milk to the kids who...

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THURSDAY, NOV. 12, 2009

Stressed-out kids

With the economic downturn and the mounting pressures at school, kids are experiencing more stress these days than in the previous year, according to a new national survey released earlier this month by the American Psychological Association.Parents, however, remain unaware of their children's stress levels.According...

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MONDAY, NOV. 9, 2009

Learning and teaching math to kids

Laurie Rogers, one of the original members of The Spokesman-Review's Parents' Council, requested that we post this information on the blog:"Spokane Public Schools is undergoing a high school mathematics curriculum adoption process. District administrators have been intentional about inviting public comment before formal decisions are...

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Team parenting 

At my house, my husband is the fun guy – the dad who lets the kids climb trees, take risks and get a little wild. I’m the nurturer, I’d like to think, but I know my son thinks I’m a little uptight compared to his...

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SUNDAY, NOV. 1, 2009

Pregnancy and work

When a friend of mine found out that she was pregnant, she wanted to tell everyone –friends, family, even strangers on the street. But despite all her excitement, she decided to wait a little while before sharing the news at work. She knew that her...

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