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THURSDAY, FEB. 25, 2010

Children and consumption

We drive old cars. My children wear hand-me-downs. We don't have cable TV.It's hard to explain this to my kids, but I don't ever want us to be defined by our stuff. Our priority has always been to spend our money on experiences rather than...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 23, 2010

A Code of Ethics for Kids

Debrah-Lynn B. Hook is a journalist and mother of three. In a recent article, "Ethical Behavior continues to decline," she noted how pervasive lying and deceit have become among the latest generation of youth.Her conclusion is supported by studies from the Josephson Institute of Ethics,...

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THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 2010

The President on Parenting

The president's daughters must get straight A's. That's my conclusion based on this quote from President Barack Obama: "Malia will tell you, my attitude was, if she came home with a B, that's not good enough because there's noreason why she can't get an A."The...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 16, 2010

Help for kids with disabilities

When Luann Kirkham's son was diagnosed with several learning disabilities at the age of 2, the Spokane mom decided to pursue every avenue possible to help him.Two and a half years ago, she discovered Lindamood Bell Learning Processes, a California-based educational institution founded almost 30...

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THURSDAY, FEB. 11, 2010

Technology shapes latest generation of kids

Generation Y, also known as the 'Millenials," became known for their technology and multitasking skills -- their uncanny ability to walk, talk and text all at the same time. But now, a new generation is coming along and psychologists and other experts say they're becoming...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 9, 2010

"Children as prime-time accessories"

There's now a description for Octomom, the parents of Balloon Boy and others who use their kids to gain fame or notoriety. In "When Kids Become Tickets to Fame," a recent story from The Christian Science Monitor, staff writer Mark Guarino quotes a media analyst...

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Why kids get bullied 

Kids who lack social skills and are unable to respond to nonverbal cues from their peers are more likely to get bullied, according to a recent story posted on LiveScience, a website devoted to "groundbreaking developments in science, space, technology, health, and the environment."Almost 30...

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