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MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

The “friendly divorce” movement 

Divorce continues to be a fact of life for many American families. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world for the kids. Of course it’s terrible when mom and dad can no longer live happily together in the same house. However,...

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MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010

Teaching creativity 

The cover of the July 19th Newsweek immediately caught my eye: America is suffering from a creativity crisis, according to Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, authors of the bestselling book, “NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children.” Children, particularly those in kindergarten through the sixth grade, are...

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MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010


Getting parents ready for college

Freshman orientation used to be just that – a chance for incoming students to learn about campus life and what to expect when they enter their first semester of higher education. Now, more colleges are hosting orientation sessions specifically for parents and families. According to...

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