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SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010

Financially Savvy Kids

Whenever we sit down for breakfast on Sundays, the first thing my kids pick up from the newspaper are the ads. They're always on the lookout for inserts with full-color images of toys, videogames and all the usual stuff that seem to draw children's attention....

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Free parenting seminar

How do we learn to be parents? Unlike most professions, which often require tests, training and years of study, parenting is the kind of job that most of us learn by doing. There are no internships or opportunities for "student parenting." Although we might get...

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MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010

Baby Slings 

When my children were babies, my husband and I "wore" them wherever we went. Babywearing -- also known as carrying one's child in a sling -- enables infants and toddlers to experience their surroundings. For parents, babywearing promotes bonding. It's also practical for busy moms...

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MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

Inside your teen's brain

Science can actually explain why once well-behaved children morph into moody teens who don't always make good choices. Blame it on their brains.According to a recent story on National Public Radio, teen brains simply aren't fully developed. Their brains' frontal lobes are not completely connected,...

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To pump or not to pump? 

Shortly after returning to work from maternity leave, my boss asked me to travel to Olympia for an assignment. It was just a day trip but I still was faced with a dilemma. At that time, I had to pump milk for my baby about...

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The rights of parents

Allison Stevens, a columnist based in Washington D.C., recently discussed why some new mothers become less politically active after having children. It's due to sheer exhaustion, explained Stevens, who has two young children."Not long ago I worked as a reporter for daily publications. I used...

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As the oldest of three girls, I grew up in a household where we played with dolls, furry stuffed animals and a small kitchen set complete with dishes and pots and pans.So as a new mom, I didn't have a clue about boys.When my oldest...

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