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Officials promise ‘boldness’ against Aryans

Criminal citations and civil lawsuits are options. But the recent surge in racist activity is best dealt with by a unified community dedicated to rejecting discrimination and hate, leaders from across the Inland Northwest said Friday.

“We have been vested with the authority and the power to take action and I assure you I will use that power and authority to take a stronger stance of boldness,” said Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick. “People who are hateful are bold. But standby to standby, because we are more bold than they are.”

City leaders and law enforcement cities and towns around the region gathered with the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations to respond to racist fliers that have been distributed in the region since April.

Read my story and check out photos from the event here.

Mullet’s full statement can be read by clicking on the link below. Warning, the content could be considered offensive.
A considerable amount of tax-payers dollars went this morning to create an environment of fear and intimidation. Politicians, Law enforcement and the media have used ALL of their powers of persuasion and Intimidation to try and keep us frightened and silenced. They are attempting to deny us, and members of the community who agree with us, their Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech, using their campaign of organized and televised intimidation. However their pitiful and cowardly attempt to keep the public paralyzed and in a zombie state by fear only exposes their own weakness and their rapidly diminishing ability to maintain control over the minds of the people. We shall never run, nor remain silent and we will continue to speak out until the truth prevails at last. They have stated that our material is “HATE”, I ask you this question, what is so hateful about being proud of whom you are? It doesn’t matter your skin color, but it does matter when ALL GROUPS (excluding the White Race) is able, and has the backing of the Jewish run media to spread there LOVE of self, and it is not considered “HATE” but love. That is a double standard and is no longer accepted by the population. Why is it that these “PEOPLE OF LOVE” who were on T.V. this morning say they are speaking for the population? They are placing words into YOUR MOUTHS! Do they speak for everyone? Are the people of Washington and Idaho now no longer able to speak for themselves? We have NOT and WILL NOT conduct any form of hate on any person place or thing. We as WHITE AMERICANS have the right, according to our founding fathers to speak our minds, anytime and at any location. So now because we are active, because we are sick of all the JEWISH LIBERAL crap, we are promptly preaching hate and doing violent acts…… We HAVE DONE NOTHING to cause harm to anyone, nor is our message targeting any one group but the White people of this great land who have been force to believe that we owe ALL PEOPLE SOMETHING, sorry people we owe them NOTHING! As being the recipient of a littering ticket (Guilty before proven innocent) I would like to make a formal demand that the Mayor of Spokane Valley receive a Ticket for littering, by throwing the flier on the ground on television. If I and fellow members receive one why is it that with police officials present did not issue one to the Mayor? Why does he have the right to litter? Is he making a statement on television that he is above the law? We think that is what he is doing. Also every person that was there must be given an Aiding in a misdemeanor ticket as well. The law MUST be applied to ALL individuals equally, regardless of their political standing or their position of power. Also lets give one to ALL other church groups, pizza stores, restaurants, newspapers and little Johnny down the street who wants to clean lawns or remove snow for a little money one as well. Is it not all the same? Your Jewish media says its not, because it is not “HATE” but it is “HATE” because the Aryan Nations is doing it. No laws were violated at any time, nor will there be in the future. I dare the media to print and read this whole rebuttal to the blatant attack on myself and my organization that was perpetrated today. We are NOT TEACHING HATE BUT LOVE OF YOUR OWN RACE. For far to long ALL other groups have been able to spread there messages unchallenged and nay encouraged to have free speech but one group the WHITE RACE!. The media blitz this morning is nothing more than them stirring up a population of people to do nothing more than attack us for having the willingness to speak truth, granted to us under the constitution of the United States! Let the world know that we to will speak against your “HATE” of us and what we are trying to bring to our brothers and sisters, and that we will no longer sit by and watch you the Jewish Run System keep our voices silent!

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