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Happy 3rd birthday, Sirens & Gavels!

Grab the party hats and get your game face on - Saturday is Sirens & Gavels' 3rd birthday.

Some of you may already be planning epic celebrations, but for those of you I caught off guard, I apologize.

The idea behind this blog was simple - a devil-worshipping sex offender called me upset that a commenter said he was not a true member of the Church of Satan. I'd already written an adequate article about the man, and his phone call certanly didn't warant a follow up. But it was too remarkable to ignore.

Since then, this blog has become a hub for crime and court news in the Inland Northwest and anything else that might pique my interest. Regular readers should expect to see original content each weekday, links to nearly all crime and courts stories on, and weird news from around the world on Friday mornings.

Your praise and criticism is needed and appreciated. I am best reached at or (509) 459-5534.

Here's to a great future for Sirens.  Be sure to 'like' the blog on Facebook to show you're a true fan.

Also, follow me on Twitter. #hipster

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Happy 2nd birthday, Sirens & Gavels!

Two years ago today, this blog was born.  

It started with a post about a devil-worshiping sex offender upset that a commenter said he was not a true member of the Church of Satan.

Since then, this blog has become a hub for crime and court news in the Inland Northwest. I also like to throw in interesting Associated Press stories on Friday mornings or if national events of local interest occur.

I enjoy hunting for fun - and not-so-fun - items to put on here and am proud to say readership keeps growing. Your praise and criticism is needed and appreciated. I am best reached at or (509) 459-5534.

Here's to a great future for Sirens. (Let's hope the 'terrible twos' thing is just a phase humans go through.)  Be sure to 'like' the blog on Facebook to show you're a true fan.

By the way, I recently received an email from a woman who identifies herself as the devil-worshiping sex offender's ex-wife. Let's just say she agrees with law enforcement's decision to classify him as a sex offender likely to reoffend.

Happy 1st birthday, Sirens and Gavels!

One year ago today, this blog was born.

It’s been an evolving experiment since then, filled with news and tidbits aimed at giving you, the reader, an informative, entertaining and digestible look at crime and court cases in the Inland Northwest and beyond. 

And it all started with the devil-worshipping sex offender.

Since the inaugural post about Danny Schertz (who has left Spokane) being very upset at the suggestion he wasn’t a true Satanist, this blog has become a hub of history for Spokane crime hounds.

One thing I’m most pleased with is the collection of ‘tags’ that appear at the top of each post.

While their presence at the top of the post instead of the bottom may seem clunky, clicking on the links takes you to every Sirens post ever marked with that tag.

Consistency in tags has given Sirens quite e a collection of easily accessible information.

Popular tags include sex offenders, murder, jury trials and homicide. I encourage you to check out the sentencings tag and the caught on tape tag for looks at how punishment is handed down and at surveillance photos from past - many likely still unsolved - crimes. (Also, I decided yesterday on a new tag: Neck tattoos.)

Above all, I want to hear from you.

What are your favorite features and what do you think I should do more or less of?

Suggestions on the timing of posts are invited, too. Just in the last week or so I’ve started post-dating entries at the end of the day so that they show up early in the morning, when more people are looking at the website. It seems to be increasing traffic.

I’ve also started integrating a few links to past stories throughout posts instead of listing them all at the bottom.

Feel free to comment on this post or email me at If you swear or say something truly offensive on the blog it will get deleted, so use the email for those comments.

Spokane firefighter celebrates 45th year

Spokane fire Lt. Jack Greenamyer doesn’t keep track of how many lives he’s saved or the number of burning buildings he’s gone into, but he can tell you he still gets excited about going to work after 45 years on the force.

On Monday, Greenamyer, 67, marked the anniversary of his hiring in 1965.

He’s known for being the first guy on the truck when a call goes out, and a firefighter who won’t shy away from the physical punishment that comes with charging into a burning building.

Greenamyer (pictured above atop a 1936 pumper) is the longest-serving member of the force, and he has spent the past 12 years commanding an engine crew at Station No. 3 at Indiana Avenue and Ash Street on Spokane’s North Side.

Read the rest of Mike Prager’s story here.

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