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Disgruntled bar customer returns w/ gun

A man who scuffled with employees at a Spokane Valley bar fired a gun in the bar's parking lot late Wednesday, police said today.

Bret A. Nemitz, 29, finished a drink at Boomers Classic Rock Bar, 18209 E. Appleway Ave., just as the bar was closing. The owner told Spokane County sheriff's deputies that they asked him to leave after he began harassing two customers who were playing pool, and Nemitz grabbed the owner by the shirt and neck.

The owner's father helped control Nemitz, but the owner said he had an uneasy feeling as Nemitz walked away.

Ashort time later, the owner saw Nemitz drive a vehicle into the parking lot and noticed a shiny object in his hand. The owner told his father to crouch down just before a gunshot ran out, according to a news release.

Deputies responded about 11:30 p.m. saw the bullet hit a window on the west side of the bar. They located his car at a home near the bar and found Nemtiz standing in the backyard. He was booked into jail on two counts of drive-by shooting.

Man, 20, gets 15 years for ‘07 murder

A 20-year-old man arrested for a 2007 murder was sentenced recently to 15 years in prison.

Derrick Gregory Martin-Armstead (right) also was ordered to pay $6,651 restitution after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for the Nov. 12, 2007, shooting death of Daniel Burgess, 30.

Burgess was killed while in the living room of a home at 2413 N. Dakota Ave.

Martin-Armstead, his girlfriend, Jaleesa D. Anderson, 22; and her brother, Marc A. Anderson, 20 (left), each were charged with a single count of first-degree murder. Martin-Armstead's charge was reduced as part of a plea deal.

The Andersons, who are out of jail on bond, are scheduled to go to trial in June.

Martin-Armstead was arrested Oct. 24 after an informant told police he'd implicated himself in the murder during conversations at the jail in May and June 2008.

Suspects plead not guilty to ‘07 murder

Three young people arrested for the 2007 shooting death of a 30-year-old Spokane man pleaded not guilty to murder charges Tuesday in Superior Court.

Derrick Gregory Martin-Armstead, 20; (left) Jaleesa D. Anderson, 22; and Marc A. Anderson, 20, (right) each are charged with a single count of first-degree murder.

  Martin-Armstead was arrested Oct. 24 after an informant told police he'd implicated himself in the murder of Daniel J. Burgess during conversations at the jail in May and June 2008.

Burgess was shot to death on Nov. 12, 2007 while in the living room of a home at 2413 N. Dakota Ave. The three suspects remain in jail.

The murder investigation has led to two search warrants targeting controlled substances this month.

On. Nov. 3, detectives search a 2000 Buick LaSabre belonging to Martin-Armstead as part of a crack cocaine investigation. A confidential informant had bought crack cocaine from Martin-Armstead in July and August.

Martin-Armstead was driving the Buick when he was arrested on the murder charge. He told Detective Jeff Barrington that “he did sell crack cocaine but that he was not involved in any homicide,” according to a search warrant.

Barrington and Detective Kevin Langford seized only a box for a scale from the Buick. Five days later, Barrington went to an apartment at 202 E. Wedgewood Ave. to talk to Tyrone J. Carell about the homicide investigation.

Barrington said he saw a drug scale, marijuana bud and bong in the apartment, which smelled of marijuana. He came back less than two hours later with a search warrant, seizing suspected marijuana, paraphernalia, and a semi-automatic handgun.

Carell, who was targeted in the Hoopfest shooting in June 2010, has not been charged.

3 suspects appear on murder charges

Three young people arrested for the 2007 shooting death of a 30-year-old Spokane man appear in Superior Court Tuesday on first-degree murder charges.

Derrick Gregory Martin-Armstead, 20; (left) Jaleesa D. Anderson, 22; and Marc A. Anderson, 20, (right) remain in Spokane County Jail after appearing before Judge Harold Clarke. 

Martin-Armstead was arrested last week after an informant told police he'd implicated himself in the murder of Daniel J. Burgess during conversations at the jail in May and June 2008. Burgess was shot to death on Nov. 12, 2007 while in the living room of a home at 2413 N. Dakota Ave. 

He already has felony convictions for a marijuana robbery that occurred two weeks before Burgess’ death. In that case, Martin-Armstead shot a juvenile in the buttocks with a .22 revolver. Burgess was shot in the chest with a .22 caliber bullet, according to court documents,

After Martin-Armstead was arrested Oct. 24, police say he said things that were inconsistent with what he told detectives in 2008. He said he'd previously lied to police but still insisted that another man was responsible for the shooting, according to court documents.

He said he told people he and Anderson did the shooting “only to get some static,” or respect, documents say.

Martin-Armstead's lawyer, Kevin Griffin, said he plans to request a substantial reduction in his client's $1 million bond based on the facts of the case. Jaleesa Anderson's bond is $100,000. Marc Anderson's $250,000.

Man, 20, arrested for 2007 homicide

A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a 2007 homicide.

 Derrick Gregory Martin-Armstead remains in the Spokane County Jail on $1 million bond after appearing in court on Tuesday on a first-degree murder charge for the Nov. 12, 2007, shooting death of Daniel J. Burgess, 30.

An informant told detectives this month that Martin-Armstead had talked about his involvement in the case while in custody at the Spokane County Jail.

Read the rest of my story here.

Drive-by shooting kills ‘Dougie’ rapper

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (AP) M-Bone of the rap group Cali Swag District, which scored a hit last year with the song “Teach Me How to Dougie,” was killed in a weekend drive-by shooting as he sat in a car outside a liquor store, police said Monday.

The motive for Sunday night's shooting was under investigation, Lt. James Madia said.

The 22-year-old Inglewood man, whose real name is Mante Ray Talbert, was sitting alone in his car shortly after 10:30 p.m.

“Another car pulled alongside, gunshots were fired, and the victim was struck twice in the head,” Madia said.

Talbert died at a hospital.

Witnesses gave varying descriptions of the fleeing car, Madia said.

Talbert was “the victim of a random act of violence,” said a statement from Cali Swag District's publicist, Greg Miller.

“He was a hardworking, passionate artist and dancer that will be deeply missed,” Miller said.

Bandmate C-Smoove tweeted Monday that his life changed drastically in the blink of an eye, and added “rip mbone.”

Cali Swag District's hit “Teach Me How to Dougie” is based on the “Dougie” dance, which first appeared in Texas and is noted for its leaning stances, shoulder and arm movements.

The dance was not only performed in dance clubs and the streets but by celebrities as well, from Wolf Blitzer to Washington Wizards star John Wall; even first lady Michelle Obama recently performed the dance as part of her “Let's Move” initiative.

“Teach Me How to Dougie” spent several months in the top 10 of Billboard's hot rap songs. The group also performed the dance on several television shows.

Escapee accused in drive-by shooting

A federal convict who escaped from a halfway house is a suspect in a drive-by shooting in north Spokane.

Kenneth Joseph “Joker” Maravilla, 23, is accused of shooting at a car with three people in the area of North Nevada Street and East Bridgeport Avenue in retaliation for one of the victims assaulting a friend.

Maravilla was driving a black 1998 Mitsubishi when he pulled alongside a vehicle with Rickie Hall inside and fired at least one shot on April 16, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Police found the abandoned Mitsubishi crashed into a pole in a parking lot at 3704 N. Nevada.

The car had been reported stolen from 817 E. North Foothills by Desarae M. Dawson, but police believe Dawson allowed Maravilla to drive the Mitsubishi after her uncle, Chad Maxwell, was assaulted by Hall. Dawson falsely reported it stolen after learning of the shooting and crash, documents allege.

Police found two 9 mm bullets in the Mitsubishi.

Maravilla was arrested May 5 during a traffic stop at East Lacrosse Avenue and North Perry Street. Officers forced him from the vehicle and placed him in a neck restraint after he was uncooperative, police said.

Maravilla faces second-degree assault charges; Dawson, 23, faces a charge of accomplice to second-degree assault.

Maravilla was ordered to serve 40 months in federal prison in April 2009 for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was transferred to Spokane Residential Re-entry Center from federal prison March 3 and was to be released next August, but lhe eft the center that day and never returned.

He's now in the Spokane County Jail.

Drive-by shooting targets club bouncer

A Spokane man upset that a club bouncer approached his girlfriend sprayed the man's home with bullets in a recent drive-by shooting, police say.

Derek L. Wilson, 24, (pictured above, in 2007) appeared in Superior Court Monday via video from the jail, where he is charged with seven counts of first-degree assault and seven counts of drive-by shooting for Feb. 3 gunfire at a home at 2812 E. Hoffman Ave. in Hillyard.

No one was injured in the shooting, which resident John Seyler, a bouncer at Raw, 723 W. 1st Ave., told police occurred hours after he'd approached a woman he'd frequently kicked out of bars for being underage.

The woman, later identified as Kassandra Darby, just recently turned 21 and was allowed to stay at the bar, but her boyfriend, later identified as Wilson, was angry with Seyler for approaching her, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Seyler said he saw the two in a black Audi at a convenience store at Market and Wellesley later that morning and noticed them watching him. They followed him to the residence on Hoffman; shots were fired about five minutes later. Bullets entered the home, where Seyler, three other adults and two children were staying.

Darby told police she'd been “manhandled” by a bouncer but denied knowing anything about a shooting.

Police found a .380 caliber handgun believed to have been used in the shooting at Wilson's ex-girlfriend's apartment at 4223 N. Progress Road and located a .380 caliber unfired bullet in Wilson's Audi. Wilson was arrested for driving while suspended on Feb. 4 and has been in jail since. Prosecutors filed the 14 felony charges on Friday.

Wilson is considered a gang associate by police.

He has previous convictions for second-degree robbery in 2005 and for second-degree assault in 2007 after a shooting at the skate park under Interstate 90 in downtown Spokane.

The picture above is from that arrest.

Publicist’s murder is Hollywood whodunit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There is no glitz or glamour at the Harvey Apartments. Just questions.

Detectives rolled up to the brick and beige building, just after the sun set on this dingy corner of Hollywood. Armed with a search warrant, they wanted to talk to a man there. Something about Ronni Chasen, the publicist for the stars, gunned down in ritzy Beverly Hills just miles — and a world — away.

As officers closed in, the man shot himself in the head. Blood sprayed the lobby.

By Thursday morning, the blood, the crime scene tape and flashing police cruisers were gone, but reporters and television news crews lingered on the sidewalk outside the 1930s art deco-style building on Santa Monica Boulevard.

They wanted answers to this real-life Hollywood whodunit.

Who was the mystery man, and why did the police want him? Was he a suspect? A hit man? Why would he kill himself?

All detectives would say was that he was a “person of interest.”

Several people at the dreary four-story apartment building knew him as Harold Smith, though authorities would not confirm his identity.

The building is the kind of place where ex-convicts, recovering addicts and just about anyone else can go for a low-cost place to live. The monthly rents start in the $600s, which is cheap by Los Angeles standards.

The man moved in sometime this year and was friendly and well-known in the building, said resident Robin Lyle, 44, who lived next door to him. “He always told me how much he liked me,” he said.

Lyle said the man had been in prison and was concerned about how hard it would be to find work. He told him about a lawsuit that he filed against his former employer and the settlement he was expecting for wrongful termination.

“I’m waiting on this money, and then you’re not going to see me anymore,” Lyle remembered him saying.

The money ended up being less than he expected, Lyle said. The man told Lyle he had spent it all.

Lyle said the man, who was in the process of being evicted from the 177-unit building, stopped by on Saturday to say that the eviction had gone through and that he was going to leave.

Others painted a rougher picture of the man who lived in Apartment 329 by a fire escape at the back of the housing complex.

Terri Gilpin, 46, said the man always seemed paranoid, would ask if police were looking for him, and “had a screw loose.” She said she once called police on him because he wandered into her apartment.

She said she heard him bragging about Chasen’s killing and talking about how he was going to be paid $10,000 and was waiting on the money. She said he told her, “You know that lady on TV, that publicist? I did it, I did it.”

Chasen, 64, was shot multiple times last month as she drove home in her Mercedes (pictured) from a party after attending the premiere of the movie “Burlesque,” whose soundtrack she was promoting for an Oscar nomination.

Asked why she didn’t call police after hearing his comments, Gilpin said she and her husband didn’t believe him.

Sammy Zamorano, who works in a nearby music studio, was in the building shortly after the suicide. He said the body was slumped against a wall with arms on either side. He said he did not see a gun.

Gilpin said she saw a “big splatter of blood” in the lobby.

Zamorano said the man spent hours each day hanging around outside the building, always had a bicycle and usually wore gloves. “To me he was mental, criminal, but not so sophisticated. He had very bad vibes,” Zamorano said.

Zamorano said he did not believe the man could have carried out a seemingly professional hit.

Since Chasen’s killing, speculation has reigned about who could have killed her and why. Police have said they were considering all possibilities, including that someone ordered her killed.

On Thursday, detectives released few details about the case’s progress or if they had settled on a motive.

The dead man had been identified, but his name was being withheld pending notification of family, the coroner’s office said.Detectives reviewed surveillance video from the Harvey Apartments’ lobby and confirmed the man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police recovered the handgun and planned to do ballistics testing.

Beverly Hills police Chief David Snowden told The Associated Press in an e-mail that the man “was a person of interest only” and a police spokesman emphasized that the murder investigation was not over.

Court documents show Chasen had an estimated worth of $6.1 million. The Tuesday filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court said the figure included an estimated $4.7 million in personal property. There was no indication of substantial debts.

The documents were first reported Thursday by celebrity website TMZ.

The latest turn in the mystery left Chasen’s friends wondering who the man at the hotel was and if, indeed, he was a hit man.

“A lot of people think it’s a hit. A lot,” said singer-songwriter Carol Connors, a friend of Chasen for more than 35 years. “It’s really bizarre that he shot himself unless he really knew something.”

Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer will remember Chasen when he receives a star Wednesday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A statement from organizers said Zimmer will dedicate his star to his longtime friend and publicist.

Gunman in botched carjacking sentenced

Unable to complete sentences between tears, 56-year-old Donald Young explained how being shot in a botched carjacking last year “messed up” his life.

The man responsible, Joseph P. Ellery, 31, (pictured) pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree assault in exchange for prosecutors dropping other charges, including first-degree robbery and drive-by shooting during the bloody carjacking that occurred Dec. 18. He was sentenced to almost 13 years in prison.

“I get shot from some drug-induced … Why me? He screwed up my life,” Young told Superior Court Judge Tari Eitzen. “I wanted to see what the guy looked like. I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

Read the rest of Tom Clouse’s story here.

Dec. 21: Man in carjack shooting said victim owed money

Boy shot in head recovering in Spokane

A 10-year-old Grant County boy is recovering at Spokane hospital after being shot in the head in a drive-by shooting.

A bullet struck Malcolm Sanchez as he slept in his bed in a mobile home in the 8000 block of Road 10.5, three miles northwest of Royal City.

Sanchez’s mother, Alice Sanchez, called 911 frantic that her trailer had been shot up and her son struck, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday.

The boy was stabilized by medics, then flown from a Yakima hospital to Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane, where he remains in serious condition today.

A Grant County Sheriff’s Office news release called the shooting, “Another cowardly attack by delusional emotionally deficient individuals whose parentage is in question and who knowingly take advantage of the cover of darkness to accomplish sadistic retribution on an innocent child.”

Man targeted by gunfire twice in 5 weeks

A drive-by shooting late Saturday led Spokane police to search a Mercedes Benz and its owner’s apartment on Tuesday.

No one was injured when at least eight shots were fired outside 857 E. Lyons Ave. - the same location of a drive-by shooting last month.

A search warrant filed today identifies the intended victim in both cases as 26-year-old William Alexander-Durr.

On Saturday, Alexander-Durr told police he was standing outside his girlfriend’s apartment when a passenger in a silver 1999 Mercedes Benz fired eight shots.

Police think Alexander-Durr was targeted in another shooting that occurred about 1:45 a.m. on Feb. 14. A car belonging to Alexander-Durr’s girlfriend was damaged in that shooting. At the time, police said it might be related to a shooting near North Nevada and East Joseph later that morning. (Read more here.)

In the most recent case, police learned the suspect vehicle was registered to Adrian A. Washington, 30. Investigators searched his apartment and the Benz on Tuesday. No arrests have been made.

Alexander-Durr was one of several men arrested last fall in connection with a stabbing in front of a downtown Spokane night club. He pleaded guilty Jan. 28 to riot and received credit for two days served in Spokane County Jail. Another defendant, Parrish J. Johnson, 24, received six months in jail after pleading guilty to riot last month.

The men are the only defendants to resolve their charges from the Oct. 28 stabbing near Club Uno, 515 W. Sprague. Trials for Rakee D. Cage, 23; John D. Proctor, 24; Rashjel G. Cage, 24; and Adam Doe, 18, are set for June.

Club bouncers helped apprehend the men after Kenneth R. Budik and Charles L. Lucious were stabbed, according to court documents. Witnesses said one of defendants said, “There’s Kenny! Murder One Crips!” before the attack, according to court documents.

Budik was a victim in a shooting in 2007 that killed a reputed gang member. Although a victim, Budik ended up spending more time behind bars then the man convicted of the slaying because he didn’t cooperate with police. Read about that case here.

Grant Co. teen killed in drive-by shooting

A Grant County teenager was killed Sunday in a drive-by shooting that also injured another boy in the ankle.

Carlos D. Leyva, 17, of Beverly, was shot to death about 6:18 p.m. on a road about 5 miles north of Mattawa. Investigators haven’t identified his killer but say the shooting appears to be connected to a gold or tan Nissan-type vehicle.

An unknown number of people inside that vehicle argued with Leyva and two other boys before the shooting in the 1700 block of Road T.5 SW, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

The three boys were walking between Mattawa and Beverly when the shooting occurred.
The second victim was treated and released at Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake. The third boy was not injured.

Neither witness is cooperating with investigators, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators aren’t sure if the shooting is part of the increase in gang violence the county has seen over the last few years, said Undersheriff John Turley.

Read about a recent homicide in Grant County, a triple murder in December: Man told police he killed for revenge

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