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Police ticket boy after toy bike hits SUV

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — Police in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez ticketed a 6-year-old boy for reckless driving, driving without a license and not having his toy motorcycle registered after he crashed it into an SUV.

The boy's mother, Karla Noriega, says police also impounded the child-sized motorbike that her son got for Christmas after he ran into an SUV at a park on Dec. 27.

Noriega says she decided to go to the media and make the case public after finding out she would have to pay what she calls a “ridiculous” $183 in fines before she could recover the toy motorbike.

She says authorities dropped the fines and released the motorcycle to her son Gael on Wednesday after local newspapers published her story.

Court won’t hear Photo Red appeal

Appellate judges have refused to hear an appeal by the city of Spokane after a Superior Court judge ruled that the way it had been printing tickets from red-light cameras violated state law.

At issue was the way the city had a police officer in Spokane review a photo of a car either running a red light or not coming to a complete stop and determining whether an infraction occurred. The officer then punched an “accept” button, sending an electronic signal to Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions to affix the officer’s electronic signature on the $124 ticket it sent to the driver.

The late John Clark, and later Dean Chuang, represented three clients who argued that state law requires those signatures to be written in Washington. After one judge ruled for the city, Superior Court Judge Jerome Leveque reversed that decision, which the city appealed to the Division III Court of Appeals. On Thursday, that court declined to hear the case.

City spokeswoman Marlene Feist said after Leveque’s ruling, the city now has officers print out their signatures at the Public Safety Building, thus complying with state law. Red-light runners ticketed under the old system will ahve to challenge the ticket in court if they want a remedy.

The city now operates 15 cameras that officials estimate will generate about $750,000 next year.

Photo Red warning period ends today

The grace period will end tonight for red light runners caught on camera at the three latest Spokane intersections to be equipped with the surveilance devices, police warned today.

Starting first thing tomorrow, anyone caught on camera running a red light will receive a ticket in the mail.

The three new intersections are at southbound Browne St. at Third Ave., southbound Maple St. at Second Ave. and westbound Second Ave. at Walnut Street. The three cameras went live on July 1 and officers have sent out 500 warning notices since they were installed, said police spokeswoman Teresa Fuller.

The city has issued more than 25,000 citations for running a red light since the first cameras were installed, Fuller said. The fine that goes with the citation is $124.

3 new red-light cameras now operating

A 30-day warning period begins today for new red-light cameras at three intersections in the downtown Spokane area.

Beginning at 8 a.m., drivers caught on camera running a red light will earn a warning notice for the vehicle owner. No fine is attached, but red-light runners will begin receiving $124 citations on July 31.

The new cameras are at westbound Second Avenue at Walnut Street, southbound Maple Street at Second and southbound Third Avenue at Browne Street.

Spokanealready has seven intersections equipped with cameras that have captured more than 23,000 violations since Oct. 1, 2008:

Browne Street southbound at Sprague Avenue, Hamilton Street northbound at Mission Avenue, Division Street north and southbound at Francis Avenue, Wellesley Avenue eastbound at Ash Street, Freya Street northbound at Third Avenue, Thor Street and Second Avenue both westbound and southbound, and Division Street northbound at Sprague Avenue.

 The warning period for those intersections ended long ago.

Retired sergeant will be cited for crash

A retired Spokane County sheriff's sergeant blamed for a crash that destroyed a new patrol car Sunday will receive a $175 ticket, officials said today.

Clifford Berry, 63, will be cited for failing to yield right of way after he turned in front of Deputy Chuck Sciortino's westbound patrol car about 7:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Berry was eastbound on Francis when he attempted to turn onto Freya. He had a green light, but the light called for him to yield to oncoming traffic before turning, said Sgt. Dave Reagan.

Sciortino and Reserve Deputy Kathleen Hurst were responding to a threat complaint at the time of the crash and did not have the car's emergency lights or sirens activated.

Computer information from the wrecked patrol car showed Sciortino was driving at or under the 45 mph speed limit eight seconds before the crash and was traveling at 25 to 28 mph at impact.

Sciortino and Hurst were treated for back and neck pain at a local hospital. Berry, who retired from the Sheriff's Office in 1997, was not injured. His ticket will be mailed to him, Reagan said.

The patrol car, which had been in service for about a month, will be replaced next fall when new police vehicle models are introduced. Ford no longer accepts orders for Crown Victorias.

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