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Suddenly I felt like an STA driver


On my way home from work this afternoon a ladybug landed on my bike and went for a ride.

I was not going fast. This was on an uphill stretch. Still, I wondered if this little guy was soon going to be far from home. Could he find his way back? Would it matter to him?

I decided against gently flicking him off the brake cable near my handlebar. And trying to lean over and blow on him while we were in motion didn't seem like a good prospect for either of us.

So along we went. I thought about a scene in a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoon. You know the ones directed by Spokane-born Chuck Jones. A voice over a loudspeaker can be heard saying "Train leaving on track 5 for Anaheim, Azusa and Cuc..amonga."

(I had to look up the exact wording after I got home.)

Anyway, it wasn't hard to determine that "bike leaving for Twenty-second, Twenty-third and Twen...ty-fourth" didn't have quite the same ring.

And then he flew away. Just like that.

Maybe he surprised his buddies by arriving early for some buggy gathering. "Oh, I caught the 3:30 Express."

I didn't even get a chance to ask him if he needed a transfer. 

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