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Why readers deserved to win tickets

The announcement of the winner of the two tickets to the GU men's basketball game on Feb. 27 is in today's Slice column.

But here is a sampling of the more than 150 entries.

"Winning will allow us to watch Kevin Pangos in person. You see, Kevin is our future son-in-law. (However, neither of our daughters know it yet.)" -- Linda Anderson

"Two years of caring for my wife with pancreatic cancer has drained me; I need a break and have never been to a basketball game." -- Joe Pallaria

"We love Gonzaga as much as we love being nekkid in the outdoors. If we win tickets to the game, we promise to wear our clothes." -- Wayne and Tracy Wright

"I'm a Zags fan since before Mark Few. Wheelchair bound and on oxygen 24/7. It tops my 'Bucket List.' Might be my only chance." -- Jane Floyd

"No cable. Zags tend to lose games I see at a friend's. I need to see the Zags win live to break jinx." -- Joel Anderson

"I dress well. My companion and I will offer a sense of style to our row. I'm a season ticket holder for the GU women." -- Paul Ruch

"I deserve the GU tickets to take my mother-in-law to the game. She can name all the players by number and has never been able to attend." -- Greg Wheeldon

"My husband deserves the Zags tickets because he is my hero. And...I shamelessly plug your column to friends." -- Karen Botker

"My kid (hopefully) graduates from GU this year without managing to buy a single ticket into MAC. I would travel from Oregon for this game." -- Joe Hodge

"It's the only thing on my bucket list. Friends with tickets ignore me. I beg, threaten, promise anything. You're my last hope." -- Dorothy DeMers

"Tickets for two/ The Zags and Mark Few/ The ultimate prize/ Oh, what a surprise/ For a lady who's eighty." -- Marjorie Lefevre

"Because I'm more than 70 years old, have never been to a basketball game, and I just don't get what all the excitement is about." -- Walter Jakubowski

"I am writing for Eric Anderson (96 yrs.) the oldest living Gonzaga basketball player! Is that reason enough?!" -- Karla Anderson

"On Feb. 27th I will be 70! I would like to celebrate the occasion by cheering the Zags on in person." -- Barbs Haedt

"Gonzaga's success, in 1999, gave my son Travis, then 17, and I a bond that's still strong. We watch every game, but never in person." -- John Graham

"At CVHS, I'm known as the biggest die-hard Zag fan. After every game, I get the first 15 minutes of science class to passionately recap." -- Abby Stolp

"I've been waiting to go to a game because I got a foam Gonzaga paw for my birthday." -- Grant Jones, 10

"A rabid Gonzaga fanatic/ Verges on the dogmatic./ She stands by them/ Through thick and thin./ 2 Tickets would make her ecstatic." -- Marcy Wise

"May not deserve tickets, my octogenarian parents do. They need sleep, I need GU! Send me to the MAC so folks can hit the sack." -- John Kraemer

"My wife turns 50 that day and she is a big GU fan! Can't think of a better gift for her." -- Marty Becker

"Unforgiven former Spokanite Clint Eastwood replied, 'Deserve's got nothing to do with it.' But, he added, 'We've all got it coming.' We need tickets." -- Rusty and Nancy Nelson

"My 9-year-old son deserves to win the tickets, because he still believes. He believes that good things happen and he believes in GU." -- Brad Crockett

"Two tickets I'd love to procure/ To witness a win for sure/ Cheering in person/ Would keep me from cursin'/ I promise I'll act mature." -- Jeff Williams

"Because Gonzaga Basketball saved our marriage." -- Penny Simonson

"My son is a GU student and I pay tuition but my attendance at a men's basketball game has never come to fruition." -- Michae'l Alegria

"My grandson suffers from mild seizures. He has had two at school, he is 8. Both times he was playing basketball. He said no one would ever make him stop playing ball because when he grows up he will play at Gonzaga." -- Lynn Puzon

"I'm your guy: the only person in Spokane who hates the Zags and will sit in the stands and root against them. Someone has to represent sanity. I'm your man, and my wife will be there to counter-balance me -- she loves the Zags!" -- John Myers

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