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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

Scientology emergency

I am not knocking anyone's religion. I'm just wondering if I am the only one who has experienced this confusion. Here's the scenario. You are in a room where a police/fire/EMT scanner can be heard. You hear someone say "diabetic." But for a fraction of...

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Fecal incidents 

This seems like the right season for this. According to the SR's electronic archives, the word "fecal" has appeared in the newspaper 338 times since the summer of 1994.

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The gift of booze

The only way this seems plausible is if she actually wants him to pass out, so she can grab the car keys and, uh, do an errand or two. Either that or it suggests that his sober personality leaves something to be desired.

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For those who have been divorced

If the tabloid press had covered the breakup of your marriage, they would have... A) Had a hard time finding anything all that salacious. B) Had a field day. C) Simply made an awful situation even worse. D) Had occasion to use phrases like "Love...

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MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012

Re: Your information media diet  

To what extent is it determined by habit? There's excellent stuff out there. But if checking it out doesn't become a routine it can just slip off your radar screen. What's the best way to keep that from happening?

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Body language

Do you place an invisible asterisk next to your respect for athletes who are able to excel at the highest level in part because of a genetic gift such as unusual height, being a pixie or whatever? (I'm not suggesting that these attributes alone make...

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Internet and cheating in school

Sometimes when I hear discussions of how the web makes it easy for students to cheat, I recall a high school classmate whose academic fakery might actually have been uncovered if the Internet had been around back then. To complete an assignment for an English...

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Just wondering 

How long does it take for American TV's obsession with U.S. Olympic athletes -- some of whom, if the truth were told, are not especially appealing people -- to convert you into someone who occasionally roots for competitors from other countries?

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FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

Unofficial survey: Compliance with laws 

It would appear that legal prohibitions have not persuaded even one driver to discontinue the practice of yakking on cell phones while behind the wheel. Riding bikes on sidewalks in downtown Spokane remains rampant. But it sounds like most motorists have their studded tires off.

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