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The Slice archive for July 2, 2012

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012

A car full of felines 

Ellen Sherriffs read Mike Prager's story in the Sunday paper about local animal control officials not having to snuff out quite so many unwanted cats and dogs. And SCRAPS director Nancy Hill's anecdote about transporting felines to the West Side had her wondering. "The news...

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Multiple choice 

When you are purchasing a newspaper or magazine and the cashier holds it up and makes some comment about one of the stories that reflects an opinion/attitude you do not share, what do you do? A) Say nothing. Don't care what cashier thinks. Just want...

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This date in Slice history (1999)

Sayings that should be on buttons or bumper stickers: "Don't flatter yourself -- I was staring at your dog." "Ex-Californians aren't the problem -- you are." "I live in North Idaho and acknowledge the federal government." "My other car is a heap so I legally...

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