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I've finally figured out why certain Spokane drivers have issues with us bicyclists.

It's not because some of us are unbelievably arrogant and do all sorts of annoying things on the road. It isn't because a few of us can get a tad preachy about the environment and all. And it isn't even a matter of drivers resenting the very idea of other people having the gall to make different lifestyle choices.

No, it's because they are on to us.

They have seen us give one another that knowing little nod out on the streets of Spokane. You know, the one that -- if it were in a prison movie -- would unquestionably signal that "it's on."

And they have figured out that we're up to something.

So I guess there's no use trying to pretend any more. The only thing left now is to synchronize our watches.

It's on.

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