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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

Scheduling that "New you" regimen 

If you start tomorrow, you have an entire month to fix all your flaws and make needed changes. Then you will have a running start when, on July 1, you announce your Second Half of the Year's Resolutions. Or celebrate Canada Day, as the case...

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Two kinds of people in Spokane 

1. People who remember downtown Spokane in its heyday and think it's sort of sad now. 2. People who moved here from metropolitan areas where the downtown is virtually a lost cause and so they continue to regard downtown Spokane as relatively vibrant.

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Talking the talk 

Whether they ride bikes, go for a run or whatever, those interested in having early-morning exercise partners have to make sure of the compatibility factor. The other person or persons need to be reliable about meeting on time. And it's probably a good idea if...

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This date in Slice history (1996)

Rejected ArtFest slogans: "Something To Do," "Everybody Who Thinks They're Somebody Will Be There," "Parking Fest '96," "Woodstock III," "Artsapalooza," "Monsters of Art," "Come See Our New Paving Job," "Booths 'n' Stuff," "Good Festival" and "See, Browne's Addition Isn't THAT Scary."

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Taunting defectors 

Am I above reminding friends who moved away from Spokane that their new homes are far more buggy than the Inland Northwest? I am not. Just today, I ended a note to a guy now in Minnesota with "Watch out for mosquitoes." His reply: "Skeeters...

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Why was Vin Scully doing this game?

Thought of this 1999 baseball movie when watching a few minutes of the History Channel's Hatfields vs. McCoys miniseries. Kevin Costner is in both. Was there ever any explanation why Dodgers institution Vin Scully would be doing play-by-play at a Tigers vs. Yankees game? Perhaps...

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2012 ice cream truck jingles 

Slice reader Sharon Griffiths and others have heard Spokane ice cream trucks playing Christmas music recently. Apparently "Turkey in the Straw" and "The Entertainer" have become too easy to tune out. Back in the summer of 2003, The Slice asked what Beach Boys song would...

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The Wednesday Slice 

Naked girls being the whole point of college, streaking seemed a laudable social trend back in 1973-74. You would hear a whoop go up in the dining hall and crank your head to see which of your fellow scholars were sprinting through the building sans...

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TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012

The show people loved to bash

Even if they didn't watch it. "thirtysomething" aired its final episode 21 years and one day ago. Initially unwatchable, it could be argued that it grew up fast and became fairly substantial. I especially liked the workplace stuff. The Miles Drentell character was one of...

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Basking in the hate

There's an over-beers game at least a few journalists have been known to play. It involves competing to see who can recall the most disdainful rebuff ever encountered when approaching someone for an interview. These stories can be pretty entertaining. Sometimes the person being approached...

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