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SUNDAY, SEPT. 30, 2012

SATURDAY, SEPT. 29, 2012

The long and the short of it

There are couples who go for long walks and hold hands the whole time. Why doesn't that drive at least one of them crazy? Maybe it's sweet. Perhaps it is romantic. But wouldn't implied affection be better? Sure, if the relative heights and arm lengths...

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 28, 2012

Does Spokane need a few Ratso Rizzos? 

Spokane pedestrians are too polite. Drivers nose their cars into crosswalks we happen to be using and we say nothing. It's almost as if pedestrians here have been brainwashed into accepting the notion that people in cars are more important than people on foot. But...

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You and your DVR queue

Someone has to say it, so I guess it might as well be me. You know that show you have been saving for months? Well, you're never going to watch it. Delete it. Free up the digital storage space. Get your percentage down. Face the...

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The Slice Blog recommends

I wouldn't argue that "The Adjustment Bureau" is a great movie. Not really sure I'd even call it good. But. Early on, sometime in the first half hour, Matt Damon -- playing a losing politician -- gives a concession speech that is really worth seeing....

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 2012

Just wondering 

I wonder what Spokane area man had his 18th birthday closest to the official end of the military draft near the end of January in 1973. My 18th was less than three weeks after that.

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Typical scene in a newsroom And when they aren't dancing on the top of desks, publishers and editors can look a bit manic. You already know how he feels about spunk. Of course, reporters tend to be cute and hang out in the production building. And copy...

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Yelling at scofflaw sidewalk bicyclists  

There are problems with reminding people that it violates a city law to ride a bike on sidewalks downtown. Here are five. 1. Yelling doesn't always produce learning. 2. To the listener, outdoor yelling often sounds like "Hey! Buzza globben and yule stamper doobie jackslob!"...

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