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The Wednesday Slice question

Instead of mumbling "nothing" or "something to do with fractions," what do you wish you had said when one of your parents asked what you learned in school that day?

A) "The guitar intro to 'When You Walk In The Room.'" B) "That people sometimes say they are upset about one issue even though it's something else entirely that really made them mad at you." C) "The difference between 'lady friend' and 'special lady' as outlined in 'The Big Lebowski.'" D) "It's not who you play, it's when you play them." E) "If I told you, I'm pretty sure you would say my teacher is a Commie." F) "Getting to be a patrol boy is all about whose butt you're willing to kiss."

G) "Bringing my troll dolls to school was a mistake." H) "That the fourth grade is not much like a romantic comedy." I) "We listened to the Tigers/Cardinals World Series game on Mr. Kimichek's transistor radio. He called it independent study. Lolich is the man." J) "Apparently the assistant principal is just a hired thug." K) "Jane Matson had a seizure and fell on the floor and I got accused by this one dip of looking up her dress while she was indisposed, but that's a load of bull." L) "I learned that mocking other people's tastes in music and film is sort of fun."

M) "The hot lunch in the cafeteria looked like something a child my age should not see." N) "It would seem that Cindy Kenworthy regards herself as quite beguiling because she keeps trying to 'meet cute' even though I have known her since kindergarten." O) "I got into a fight on the playground. It was a split decision. But we're friends now." P) "During a discussion of nutrition during a health unit, this girl named Jamie said 'game' was one of the four food groups and I couldn't stop laughing so I had to go stand out in the hall."

Q) "A couple of older scholars were comparing pubic hair in the bathroom." R) "This kid named Dweebin running for student council started his campaign by getting beat up. He's lagging in the polls." S) "Rob Campbell fell on the monkey bars and hit his face on one of the steel rods. Mrs. Todd told him to shake it off." T) "Karen Akers made a compelling case that the Stones are derivative."

U) "The counselor asked me why I am dabbling in self-destructive modes of alienation. I told her that's how I roll." V) "This boy snapped the back of my training bra so I cut him a look and asked if that was honestly the best way he could think of to get my attention. He wept." W) "I saw a kid get stuffed into a locker. I think he's still there.".X) "We heard a lot about Mrs. Wilson's divorce and something I didn't get about her ex having to drive a big truck." Y) "It was suggested that I totally missed the point of last night's "Man From U.N.C.L.E." Z) Other..  

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