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There's something to be said for the stability and familiarity of staying in one home or one part of town. But what do you learn about the Spokane area from living in several different neighborhoods over the years?

A) This Part of Town vs. That Part of Town rivalries and resentments are not really a big deal. B) For all their apparent sameness, grocery stores have interesting little quirks. C) You see magpies in some corners of the Spokane area but not in others. D) With the exception of a few pockets here and there, the politics tend to be similar to what you might find in Oklahoma or Alabama. E) House-value homogeneity varies wildly from neighborhood to neighborhood. F) No one neighborhood has a monopoly on people who mostly want to be left alone. G) Attitudes about the usefulness of Interstate 90 vary. H) You find out if your allegiance to certain restaurants and stores had more to do with proximity than anything else. I) Spokane is 5% more diverse than many imagine. J) There are people originally from Butte, Montana, everywhere. K) Spokane is 5% less diverse than many imagine. L) You will always encounter people from the office if you call in sick and then go out to pick up some ice cream. M) Other. 

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