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Here at The Socialist Review 

Pay no attention to the fact we always endorse the Republican presidential candidate. That name is too wonderful to disavow. Sherman Alexie once said, ages ago, that the absurdity of some locals calling this newspaper The Socialist Review was one of the things that most...

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One advantage of not being on Facebook  

When you overhear friends or co-workers talking about different tactics for filtering the bombardment of not-so-fascinating stuff Facebook friends drop on them, you can remind yourself that you have chosen the one 100 percent effective strategy.

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California dreamin' 

What would the short-tempered Malibu police chief in "The Big Lebowski" have thought of Malibu resident Jim Rockford of "The Rockford Files"?

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Advice sought re: hummingbird feeder 

We put one out years and years ago. And soon the birds arrived. But before long, it turned into a yellow-jacket feeder. So we abandoned the project. But maybe someone knows how to avoid that outcome. I'm all ears.

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Dealing with the City of Spokane 

Like many families before us (since the arrival of the recycleosaurus bins), we wanted to swap our regular trash barrel for a smaller (and cheaper) size. So we called the city. And what did we encounter? A friendly woman who was helpful, efficient and 100...

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Just one side of the story

During some vigorous channel-flipping late yesterday afternoon, I heard a local TV news person wind up his report on an alleged Spokane crime by saying, "The house has been a problem in the past." Well, it might have been nice to get the house's side...

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Just wondering

Inasmuch as household income is a predictor of children's success in school, do people who like to blame teachers for everything have any brilliant ideas about how educators are supposed to make that reality go away?

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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

Ever been herded by a dog?

I have. By one of these. My wife and I had gone up to Deer Park to watch a demonstration of herding dogs in action. And as we pulled up behind the grandstand, an Australian cattle dog showed me where to park our car....

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Being honest about bra sizes

Did you know tomorrow is National Honesty Day? I didn't either. But according to a press release sent to me this morning, it is about bra sizes -- not general ethics or a personal code of conduct. It's a long press release. But here are...

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Bitter gray woman on reporter's motives So why DID she go into journalism? A) To work in a profession where you don't have to pass state-sanctioned tests to demonstrate competence. B) To meet sexy male editors. C) So pseudonymous online readers could dump self-impressed bile on her work. D) To...

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True or false

At one point in this 2011 movie, one of the lead characters corrects someone and distinguishes between online "posts" and online "comments."

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SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013

When stores were closed on Sundays  

If you are old enough to remember that, you are not young. Even though I believe in freedom from religion, it could be argued that the closed-Sundays laws had a civilizing influence on society. Of course, it's not like I avoid stores on Sunday. Still,...

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The first year of marriage  

The warm weather reminded me of something. Long ago and far away, I wrote a feature story about the first year of marriage. I don't remember every detail, of course. But more than one source in the story cautioned that a common bump in the...

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FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013

How I arrived at tomorrow's question Back in another century I lived in a city that is the headquarters for an express delivery service. And though I own no stock in the company or maintain any personal connection, I still pay attention to news about that business. If a headline...

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