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SATURDAY, AUG. 31, 2013

FRIDAY, AUG. 30, 2013

When the enemy is a really nice guy

My alma mater's football team opens its season tonight against a school that almost certainly will clobber my school's team. The two colleges are on different NCAA levels. So it is no big shock that my team never wins this particular state "rivalry" matchup. But...

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Art vs. artist

How are you at being able to appreciate an artist or performer's work even if you cannot say you admire the individual? The date on this magazine is Aug. 30, 1955.

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THURSDAY, AUG. 29, 2013

What ever happened to pride, craft?

I was riding my bike home this afternoon when some boys pulled the invisible-rope trick on me. Or I should say, they tried. Because theirs was one pitiful effort. Pit-i-ful, as Jed Clampett might have said. You know this prank, right? Kids on both sides...

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