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Tue., Feb. 19, 2013, 1:30 p.m.

Working in a crime district

When the Spokane police close down an entertainment venue literally across the street from your workplace because it is a menace to society, questions arise.

Q: Have you ever been attacked by gang members while going to or from work?

A: No. We keep different hours.

Q: What's the difference between rap and hip-hop?

A: I'm not really sure. I think hip-hop might incorporate a greater degree of musicality. 

Q: Have you ever felt the need to arm yourself when near your workplace?

A: Not really. But it would have been OK with me if someone had fired at the bicycle thieves who have visited the newspaper's property.

Q: How did intoxicated/high young men wanting to seem tough (and possibly engaged in criminal activity) conduct themselves back in your day?

A: In an exemplary/model-citizen fashion.

Q: What's the matter with kids today?

A: You mean the ones who have never in their lives known people who make responsible decisions?

Q: Have you read the online comments about this whole Knitting Factory thing?

A: No, but I'm sure they're insightful.

Q: Do bad things happen in Spokane?

A: Yes, but that's not an altogether new development.

Q: How many shows have you seen at The Knitting Factory?

A: Zero. But I thought about going to one or two. I doubt that there would have been much of a gang presence at Lindsey Buckingham or the Psychedelic Furs. Unless you consider AARP a gang.

Q: Do SR people and Knitting Factory people mingle?

A: I can't speak for all SR people.

Q: Does the SR have a liquor license?

A: No, we're a BYOB operation.

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